Checking In With Charles: Shaq, LeBron, Phil & More

Charles will be stopping by every week or so to answer five questions on a wide variety of topics…

1) Do you think the Cleveland Cavaliers should trade for Shaquille O’Neal?

If Shaq joins the Cavs he’ll have to change his nickname from The Big Cactus to The Big Mistake On The Lake.  Cleveland clearly needs to do something and Shaq will definitely help during the playoffs.  If all it takes is Ben Wallace, Sasha Pavlovic and J.J. Hickson then Danny Ferry has to pull the trigger.

2) Is there a bigger travesty than Seattle losing its NBA franchise after forty-one years?

Yeah, the fact that Adam Morrison has a championship ring and I don’t.  That just ain’t right.

3) Now that Kevin McHale won’t be back on the bench in Minnesota, who would you recommend be hired to coach the Timberwolves?

Doesn’t matter.  The T-Wolves will never make the playoffs in the West.  Hell, Glen Taylor could pay Phil Jackson $15 million a year and Minnesota still wouldn’t sniff the playoffs. That team is the Siberia of the NBA.

4) What percentage of NBA players use performance enhancing drugs?

Are you asking me this because the best player in the league added twenty pounds of muscle prior to the past season and weighs 270 without an ounce of fat?  There are probably a few, but most players would rather smoke weed than stick a needle in their ass.

5) What do you enjoy most in life?

Playing BJ in Vegas and getting a great BJ in my car

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