Checking In With Charles: BJ's, Draft Experts & The Clippers


We’re now just a couple days away from the NBA Draft and Chuck has graciously agreed to stop by to answer some questions:

1)  What do you think of the players in this year’s draft?

I ain’t never heard of half the guys who are supposed to go in the first round.  Omri Casspi?  I think that’s the name of the red wine I had last night with my steak.  Either that or it was the girl the escort service sent over afterwards. 

2)  What is more important:  length or a great motor? 

Alexis Ajinca has tremendous length and Mark Madsen has a great motor.  Would you want either of those scrubs on your roster?  Jay Bilas is an asshat and all the other so called draft experts using similar lingo aren’t much better.  I just want to know if a guy can play.  If so, then draft him.  If not, don’t.  It’s that simple.

3)  First, Ricky Rubio thumbs his nose at Memphis and now Hasheem Thabeet…why doesn’t anyone want to play for the Grizzlies? 

Frugal owner, hardly any fan support and zero endorsement opportunities.  Why the hell would anybody want to play for them?  If Minnesota is the Siberia of the NBA then Memphis is the Death Valley of the league. 

4)   Who is going to be the biggest bust in the draft?

BJ Mullens.  That gangly stiff barely played at Ohio State.  Speaking of BJ’s, I got a great one in my car yesterday from a hooker who had Carvel soft serve ice cream in her mouth the whole time.  Man, it felt good.  I highly recommend the cold sensation of ice cream next time you get a hummer on a hot summer day.

5)  Is Blake Griffin going to make the Clippers a playoff contender?

Not if Mike Dunleavy is coaching the team.  What kind of idiot brings in Baron Davis and doesn’t open up the offense?  I really feel sorry for Griffin because he looks like the next Karl Malone.  However, the Clippers will always be the Lakers’ bitch as long as Dunleavey is around.


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