RJ to the Spurs

As reported on by ESPN.com Richard Jefferson was traded to the Spurs earlier today. In return the Milwaukee Bucks received Bruce Bowen, Fabricio Oberto and Kurt Thomas from the Spurs.

Look, if you’re a Spurs fan you should be happy about this deal. Jefferson is a legit player in this league. Mostly the Spurs needed to add a young, able body to their roster and with Jefferson they did just that. But Jefferson is much much more as a player.

Being a Nets fan I’ve been able to watch Jefferson come into this league as a rookie and grow into the player he’s become today. First of all Jefferson gives them an option in transition. He’s someone that Duncan can outlet a rebound to and Jefferson can create his own show and he has the ability to finish.

He also is a half court asset. He’s big and strong and he can have the offense run through him for stretches at a time. He came into the league as a slasher and that’s still what he does best, however, he’s worked on his outside shot enough to be an option from three. While he’ll certainly never be considered a “pure” shooter, he’s someone you have to cover or he will burn you.

Defensively, he’s not of the quality of Bruce Bowen, but he’s certainly no slouch either. He’s strong and quick enough to match up with most wings and more importantly he battles on that end of the floor. He also can provide some rebounding for the Spurs (career 5.3rpg).

Finally from an intangibles standpoint and this is where being a Nets fan I have some insight that a casual observer may not. I truly believe Jefferson is a winner. He’s a true professional in everything he does. He brings a certain bravado to the game and will to the Spurs. He’s always accountable to the media and is even good for a one liner every now and then. I think the Spurs will be glad to have him.

Anyways for other news and information on it, our network affilate Air Alamo gives some nice sentiment to Bruce Bowen.

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