Is the Town Big Enough For the Both Of Them?

As everyone has probably already heard by now Shaq daddy has been paired up with Lebron James in Cleveland.

Here is the story from…here.

So what’s this mean for Cleveland fans? Well they now have two of the biggest personalities in the NBA sharing court time together. They also have a guy they can run the offense through for small stretches at a time.

I would mostly like to say to Cavs GM Danny Ferry, where is the creativity? The best he could come up with trading for Shaq, who has now essentially become a rent-a-player? I don’t like this trade though for several reasons.

– First of all one of the weaknesses of the Cavs frontline that was exposed during the Orlando Magic series was their lack of mobility and difficulty covering the pick and roll. Shaq daddy may be a lot of things, but mobile, at least in this stage of his career he certainly isn’t.

– I think a reason Big Z worked so well playing with Bron was that he was able to shoot the outside shot and pull his man away from the basket, thus allowing Lebron driving lanes to the hoop. If he drove and Z’s man helped, Bron could kick it out to Z for an open jump shot. Shaq’s presence in the lane when he doesn’t have the ball will surely clog things up.

– From a ego and team chemistry standpoint I’m not sure its going to help. One of the things I felt that hurt the Cavs last year was their overall approach to the game. Adding a character like Shaq to that already goofy mix is going to be interesting. Plus can he and Lebron’s ego survive being side by side?

Anyway just for fun here is King James Gospel giving us 20 possible nicknames for Shaq now in Cleveland.
Also from King James Gospel is it a sign of the times, Shaq finding out he was traded through twitter? Here’s the link.

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