Jason Kidd to Meet With Knicks

With the NBA free agent period less than 24 hours away, teams and free agents around the league are exploring their various options.

This does not exclude Hall of Fame point guard Jason Kidd. It is rumored Kidd is to meet with the New York Knicks and perhaps sign on with a team he once dominated while during his time in the metro area with the Nets.

Kidd spent five and a half seasons with the Nets, and though it was a different stage in his career, he proved that if nothing else he can handle playing in the New York market.

Now as far as his decision to possibly sign on with the Knicks I have to say it perplexes me a little bit. Looking at this from the on court standpoint. First of all this offense is the exact offense Kidd was built for: a high octane, high tempo offense. However, Kidd is now beyond that stage of his career. During his last few years with the Nets and during his tenure with the Mavericks Kidd became more of a facilitator and then would spot up on a wing. That being said for the Knicks he would certainly be an upgrade from Chris Duhon.

What perplexes me most about this deal (if it were to happen) is why Kidd would choose to go from a playoff team in the West to a 32 win club in the East. Kidd who is 36 can realistically only play a few more seasons and is still looking for that elusive championship.

This being the case you can now make the argument that the road to the finals is even tougher in the Eastern Conference now. Already a top heavy conference, the strong got even stronger this offseason. The additions of Shaq to the Cavs and Vince Carter to the Magic and the return of KG to the Celtics makes the East’s top three even better. Also teams like the Bulls, Wizards and Hawks all improved during this offseason in the East.

The one wildcard in all this may have been the Olympics. Mike D’Antoni who is the head coach of the Knicks was also an assistant during this past Olympics. You can speculate that Kidd, being the point guard of the Olympic team, formed a solid relationship with D’Antoni during his time there.

Also during those Olympics, Jason Kidd and Lebron James formed a pretty tight bond. The New York Knicks being one of the hottest rumored teams to land Lebron James who is the prize of the 2010 free agent class.

All throughout Kidd’s time in the NBA he has been known for his mastery of vision and anticipation. Is it possible Kidd is taking those skills and applying them to the free agent world? Anticipating playing alongside good buddy Lebron in NY in 2010? Only time will tell…

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