Checking In With Charles: Free Agency, Chicks & Honkies

The Chuckster and his sizable girth are back to weigh in on a number of NBA issues:

1)  What do you think of Joe Dumars signing Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva last night?

You mean Joe Dum(b)ars, right?  $90 million for a couple of  injury-prone gunners?  It’s sheer stupidity.  Both are shoot first and ask questions later guys who don’t play any defense.  Since Dumars seems to be collecting UConn Huskies, I wonder if Jake Voskuhl is next.

2)  Which free agent would be at the top of your shopping list if you were a GM?

The Turkish Jordan is number two, but #1 has to be the Polish Hammer!  That Marcin Gortat has some mad skills.  Speaking of Polish and hammering, I’m going to be hooking up with Joanna & Marta Krupa later this month.  When I’m done with those girls they aren’t going to be able to walk right for a week.

3)  Since you’re a gambling man, what are the odds that the Indiana Pacers will make the playoffs next season?

250:1…and rising.  In case you haven’t heard, Indiana is now offically known as Danny & The Whiteys.  I’ve flushed shit down the toilet bigger than Travis Diener.  Man, I feel really bad for Danny Granger because he has become one of the top twenty players in the league.

4)  What do you think of all the money today’s NBA players are making?

Sometimes I wish I came into the league a decade later, but I really think all of them should get as much money as they can.  Well, maybe everyone but Adam Morrison.  I still can’t believe that scrub has a championship ring and I don’t.   I’ll tell you what I am pissed off about though: Simon Cowell making $144 million for working a few months a year on “American Idol.”  That just ain’t right.

5) What do you think about the comments made by Brandon Jennings to rapper Joe Budden earlier this week?

I never even heard of Joe Budden until a few days ago.  However, I think he’s a real pussy for leaking the phone call on the internet.  If someone did that to me I’d throw him through a plate-glass window.  Jennings sure is cocky, but he hasn’t even done anything yet.  Once he’s been in the league for a few years then he can start running his mouth like me.

Got a question for Chuck? Send it to me via Twitter or leave it in the comments and you’ll get an answer next Thursday.  A couple other Q&A’s with Sir Charles are here and here if you like what you just read.

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