Checking In With Charles: Anthony, Antoine, Allen & Almond


The man who pulls no punches is back to answer the questions of the week…

1)  Do you think Anthony Randolph will become an all-star caliber player next season? 

The last Warriors player to make a splash in the NBA Summer League was Marco Bellineli and for the most part he’s just been a scrub on the end of the bench during the season.  That said, I really like Randolph’s game and think he could develop into a more athletic version of David Robinson.  Apparently Jay Bilas thinks so too.  After reading Justin DeFeo’s article on SCIC yesterday about Randolph, Bilas sent the following tweet:  6 references to length in one post.  Absolute nirvana.  Climaxed twice while reading

2)  How could Antoine Walker make over $100 million playing in the NBA and not be able to pay his gambling debts?

Patrick Ewing took a lot of shit, but he was absolutely right when he said, “Sure, we make a lot of money, but we spend a lot too.”   Antoine probably has the dough somewhere, but he just wants to make the casinos wait for it.  I was in a similar situation about a year ago.  All NBA players have vices.  Hell, Patrick was the king of strip clubs before Pacman Jones came along.  I said it before and I’ll say it again: professional athletes shouldn’t be considered role models.   

3)  Would Allen Iverson be a good fit with the Los Angeles Clippers?

Donald Sterling might be able to sell more tickets, but on the court it will be a disaster.  Why should Eric Gordon have to come off the bench so Iverson and his enormous ego can start?  It’s just stupid.  If Iverson does sign with the Clippers, here’s some free advice to the Commerce Casino: take a few extra security precautions when AI is in the house.  Based on his recent history with casinos this would be a prudent course of action.

4)  What do you think of the Summer League roster of the New York Knicks?

Tskitishvili? Sene? Korolev? Almond?  Talk about a graveyard for first round busts.  I’m surprised Robert “Tractor” Traylor isn’t on the squad.  That roster is a joke.  What are Donnie Walsh and Mike D’Antoni doing? Are the Knicks even trying to be competitive next season? Was Grant Hill really their top free agent target?  Don’t they already have Chandler, Harrington and Gallinari at small forward?  Should I pose yet another question without providing an answer?  It’s no lie.  The NBA truly is amazing.       

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