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Sir Charles is getting together with Michael Vick and Allen Iverson at a strip club tonight so he only had time to answer three questions.  If you’re scoring at home, here is Chuck’s current priority list:  1) Gambling 2) Hookers 3) Golf 4) Strip Clubs and 5) SCIC           

1) Where do you think Stephon Marbury will be playing next season?

Odds are that he’ll play for the Celtics or a European team.  However, I have heard rumors that the Wizards might be interested.  Forward Antawn Jamison was very pleased about the possibility of adding Starbury and had this to say: 

 “I’ve known Steph since high school, and the things that he’s accomplished as a person and as a player speak volumes.”

Say what?  I wonder if Jamison thinks that Steph’s hands-on work with a Knicks intern was a major accomplishment.  Marbury will likely stick with the Celtics and there won’t be a dull moment on that bench.  With Sheed, Marquis and Starbury for an entire season the possibilities are endless. 

(*UPDATE: On second thought, I think Starbury will be playing for the Bellevue Hospital Psychiatric Unit intramural team next season.  Don’t believe me?  Check out this USTREAM live video)

2) Do you think Jamaal Tinsley would be a good fit with the 76ers?

I think JT would fit in very well in Philly.   He’s a very streaky shooter, but is an effective and underrated passer.  They can pay him peanuts and if he doesn’t work out it’s not that big a deal.  Louis Williams can really ball and Jrue Holiday is a nice young player too.  Elton Brand should be able to keep Tinsley in line.  The Sixers need to roll the dice and ink JTin.

3) Who do you like to win it all next season?

Right now there are only five teams: Cleveland, Orlando, Boston, San Antonio and the Lakers (if they re-sign Lamar Odom).  Kobe & Company are still probably the favorite, but Jerry Buss needs to get his ass back to LA to seal the deal.   Wining and dining hookers in Hawaii is great, but Miami might swoop in and steal Odom if Buss isn’t careful.

I just love what San Antonio has done this off-season.  Signing Theo Ratliff earlier today was another great move.  The Spurs needed a big guy who could block shots when Duncan is on the bench and Ratliff is perfect.  Hell, even if Odom returns to the Lakers I think the Spurs are the team to beat.

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