The Tuurrible Ten: Worst Front Office Decisions This Summer


10) Golden State giving up Marco Belinelli for Devean George – Belinelli wasn’t going to get many minutes under Nellie, but the Warriors just gave him to Toronto for roster filler. 

9)  Joe Dumars signing Chris Wilcox – Does Dumars really think Wilcox is a starting center?  If so, what is his opinion based on?  If not, will Kwame Brown be starting for the Pistons?

8)  Oklahoma City (or another team) not making an offer to David Lee – Why haven’t any teams signed Lee to a 4-year $25-28 million offer sheet to put a little pressure on the Knicks to match?  The Thunder would seem to be the best fit, but Lee has seemingly been ignored all off-season.   

7)  Cleveland giving Anderson Varejao a $50 million (with incentives) - The Cavs needed to keep Varejao, but not at that inflated price.  

6)  Bucks GM John Hammonds not extending a qualifying offer to Charlie Villanueva – I completely understand not wanting Villanueva on the roster, but why not extend a qualifying offer of $3 million a year?  This could have enabled Milwaukee to get something back in a sign-and-trade deal.

5)  Joe Dumars signing Villanueva to a 5-yr $40 million dollar deal – At least $10 million too much and Dumars essentially was bidding against himself. 

4)  Joe Dumars signing the one-dimensional Ben Gordon to a 5-yr $55 million dollar contract – If Rip Hamilton isn’t traded then Gordon is destined to come off the bench.  Good luck making the playoffs Joe.

3)  Glen Taylor hiring David Kahn as General Manager – Kahn better pray that Ricky Rubio plays for the Timberwolves or else Randy Foye and a valuable trade chip (Mike Miller) were dealt to the Wizards for next to nothing.

2)  Richard Jefferson being given to San Antonio for scraps – This trade was an unconscionable salary dump.  If the Spurs win it all then Hammonds deserves a ring. 

1)  The Charlotte Bobcats giving up Emeka Okafor for Tyson Chandler - Don’t the Bobcats need more offense?  I think The Chief from “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” has more range than Chandler.     

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  • NBA Kays

    Not the best list.

  • Drew

    NBA Kays – You must be a Pistons fan. Tell me why I’m wrong about Joe D. I’m very open minded…

  • NBA Kays

    Yeah I am, but to have all 3 of Joe D’s free agent signings on the list? That’s harsh.

    Who do you suggest he should have signed w/ all his cap space?

    What about Toronto giving $50 million each to Turkoglu and Bargnani?

    What about New Jersey getting just one promising play (C. Lee) in exchange for Vince Carter?

    Or the Grizzlies trading for Zach Randolph?

  • Drew


    I have no problem with paying $10 million/yr to Turk…but five years is too long.

    Considered the Bargnani contract (instead of the Wilcox entry), but Bargs is very young and really played well last season. Would have been more palatable at 5-years and $38 million but locking him up wasn’t the worst move in the world.

    Lee is a promising young player and NJ was just looking to dump salary for 2010. Grizz trading for Randolph INSTEAD OF Boozer may have been a bad decision. However, if Booz wasn’t going to “commit” (as far as playing at least 50 games and giving consideration to re-signing) to the Grizz then I understand dealing for Z-Bo. ZR is an automatic 18-10 guy in the league.

    If I were Joe D I would have kept the cap space in my pocket (for late in the 2009 season in order to pick up a few bargains or waited for the big crop of FA’s in 2010). He also could have waited a few weeks and made a play for Boozer via a trade (and then signed him to a long-term deal). Maybe something along the lines of Hamilton and Maxiell for Booz and Miles…with other pieces making the salaries match.

    Gordon and Charlie V are decent players, but he overpaid and now the team is destined to be .500ish for the next few years. Just one man’s opinion…I do appreciate your comments though.

  • NBA Kays

    Bargnani is solid, but he didn’t have that great of a season, not to mention that he was going to be a restricted free agent next summer, meaning that the Raptors essentially were bidding against themselves.

    Lee is solid, but NJ should have just gotten more than just him in return for VC.

    But why even trade for Zach Randolph in the first place when Memphis previously gave away a better player in Pau Gasol for nothing? Randolph is talented, no doubt, but both Portland & LAC have practically given him away for nothing just so that he wouldn’t poison their new young bigs (Oden & Griffin, respectively). He’s a cancer.

    Joe D has said numerous times that he wasn’t going to wait until the summer of 2010 to spend his cap space. Nearly 20 teams will have loads of cap space then and there’s only a few elite players to go around. Also, with the shrinking salary cap, it looks like the major free agents next summer won’t be changing addresses.

    Also re: Wilcox – He’s a 26 yr old big man making just $3 million a year. There weren’t that many big men left on the marker for Dumars acquire.

    Bottom line: The Pistons arguably acquired the best 2 players in free agency this summer. They may have overpaid Gordon (but not by that much), but CV is a bargain for $35 million.

  • Patrick

    The Bargnani signing and the Z-Bo trade should have been here. Actually, I would have put the Z-Bo trade number 1. Then again, I have a strong bias against Zach Randolph based on his track record.

    The Chris Wilcox signing wasn’t so bad, but I do agree that Detroit shouldn’t have committed so much money to Charlie V and Ben Gordon.

  • Drew

    NBA Kays & Patrick,

    Bargs made a significant leap last season by averaging 15 pts, 5 rbs, 1.5 three-pointers (on 40% shooting behind the arc) and 1+ blocks per game. I wouldn’t have paid him $10 million/yr but locking him up was sound.

    We’ll just have to see about the Pistons. Right now, I just don’t think they are a playoff team.

    Patrick: are you sure Z-Bo didn’t hit on your girlfriend recently? Did she catch his eye during a timeout at the Arco Arena last season? The guy is definitely bad news off the court, but he was averaging 20/10 for most of the year. Memphis is going to win a lot more games with him in the lineup.

  • NBA Kays

    I’m not saying Bargnani isn’t worth paying, but the point is that most of that $50 million is based on unfulfilled potential.

    Honestly, Bargnani had a couple of solid months at the end of the season, but again, he was going to be a RFA next summer. Toronto could match any offer they received for him. They bid against themselves.

    Re: Pistons – They’re a playoff team right now for certain. They’re already better than last year simply by removing AI, Sheed, & Michael Curry, not to mention all their own acquisitions.

    Do I think they’re a championship contender? No. Playoff team. Yes.

  • Jonathan

    Randolph should be no.1.

    And Dumars did pretty well, considering the available personnel (skill wise and character wise). The East is a lot better now, but if they click this season they could be a second round team with time to grow.

  • Drew

    Wow, Pistons fans sure are loyal. I guess Joe D can do no wrong.

    I really have nothing against Dumars or the Pistons. I just don’t see how they have any better than a 50/50 shot to make the playoffs as an 8th seed with the current roster (and a new inexperienced head coach). Maybe they do sneak in as an 8th seed again this season, but it’s going to be 4 and out against either the Celtics or Cleveland.

  • NBA Kays

    I’m loyal as a Pistons fan, but I don’t think Joe D is a god or anything. The guy has had his fair number of screwups, but he’s typically fast to correct them (Darko, Curry, Nazr etc).

    It’s just ironic that you would list all three of Dumars’ free agent signings when a) the only somewhat bad one is the Gordon signing (as of now) and b) there were far more worse moves made by other GMs.

    Re Questar: He is a first time head coach, but unlike Michael Curry, who had just 1 year of experience as an assistant coach, Questar has had 20 years as an assistant coach. They’ve also brought in former Magic coach Brian Hill who should be a solid asst.

  • Drew

    Here are a couple links for NBA Kays and all the other loyal Pistons fans out there:

    Fortunately, Brian Hill has had some prior success…in the early-mid 90′s. I’m just sayin’…

  • NBA Kays

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that Kuester’s college coaching record from over 20 years ago isn’t that relevant.

    Besides, the success of college coaches don’t always translate in the NBA.

    All I’m sayin’ is that Hill, who is an experienced and successful NBA head coach, is a solid choice for an assistant coach.

  • Drew

    It will be if JK starts the season 1-27 like he did one year at GW. Ouch. Seriously, I expect the Pistons to go 41-41…if they do better then I’ll write an NBA Kays Told Me So post in June. Fair enough?

  • Jonathan

    But the Pistons, their fans and most other pundits would probably consider a 41-win rebuilding season a successful campaign?

  • NBA Kays

    As long as it’s not Michael Curry on the sidelines coaching.

    And yes, that’d be fair enough. I’ll be sure to remind you when they win 44+ games.

  • toasterhands

    Pistons will be able to score with almost anybody. Yeah the D will stink, but with a little luck this team is a 4th seed in a rather weak conference outside of the big three.

    Team chemistry will be a factor. Too many shooters on the court could become an issue. Definitely not a team Detroit fans are use to.

    One thing about Kuester, he was with the team when “we” won it all. Hopefully certain characteristics of Larry rubbed off on him.

    Don’t underestimate hungry players. Our young, core guys haven’t had much success- Stuck- BG-Charlie- Wilcox.

    Although Rip and Prince already have their ring, so that could halt any sort of development and or chemistry. Hopefully they won’t be cancers to this young talented team.

    Also, Joe did the best he could this offseason. Sometimes you have to overpay to get a good player, just so other good players will want to come. It’s like what the Tigers did with Pudge. And look what it did, it drew other quality players to the team. And what do ya know, the Tigers are at least relevant again.

  • Drew

    WHEN they win 44+ games…I’ll open Outlook right now and enter a reminder in May 2013. 41-41 would be a good season and give your Pistons a shot at an 8th seed in an increasingly competitive Eastern Conference. I doubt they will reach .500 though.

    Just curious…have you guys seen anything in BG, Charlie V, Wilcox and Stuck that indicate they are HUNGRY? Do you think the first two guys will now be hungry for a title after getting paid…to the tune of $90 million or so?

    Perhaps the triumphant return of Big Ben will get them to 44+ wins. Is Joe Dumars serious? Apparently, JD hasn’t noticed that Wallace has been running on fumes for three years now…

  • toasterhands

    Yeah, hopefully every day that goes by that Big Ben isn’t signed is a step in the “Joe won’t sign him” direction. Detroit would probably be worse with Ben on the court, oh, I remember the days of playing 4 on 5. When we had Curry, 3 on 5.

  • NBA Kays

    I like bringing back Ben Wallace. Adds a veteran presence to this suddenly very young team. Should be able to give them a solid 10 mins off the bench while teaching the young bigs how to play D.

    Besides, it’s just $1.3 mill and it doesn’t count against the cap. And what better options are still out there?

    And yes, I do think BG & CV (especially him) will be hungry considering that between the 2 of them they’ve been past the 1st round just once.

  • Drew

    Do you want to bring back Bill Laimbeer too? Maybe he can give the Pistons 10 productive minutes off the bench and provide some toughness.

    I do agree that $1.3 million isn’t a huge risk for Big Ben…unless he pouts about not getting a lot of playing time.

    BTW, if the Pistons make the playoffs and/or Charlie V & Gordon play a combined 145 (or more) regular season games I’ll also write an NBA Kays Told Me so post.

  • NBA Kays

    Hmm, there’s probably a difference between bringing back 52 year old Laimbeer and then the guy who started for the best team in the NBA this past season.

    And hopefully Ben doesn’t pout about playing time…but I don’t think he will, considering he was mulling retirement just a couple months ago.

    And why wouldn’t BG & CV play in a combined 145 or more regular season games. You act as if they’ve been injury-prone or something.