The Tuurrible Ten: Worst Front Office Decisions This Summer


10) Golden State giving up Marco Belinelli for Devean George – Belinelli wasn’t going to get many minutes under Nellie, but the Warriors just gave him to Toronto for roster filler. 

9)  Joe Dumars signing Chris Wilcox – Does Dumars really think Wilcox is a starting center?  If so, what is his opinion based on?  If not, will Kwame Brown be starting for the Pistons?

8)  Oklahoma City (or another team) not making an offer to David Lee – Why haven’t any teams signed Lee to a 4-year $25-28 million offer sheet to put a little pressure on the Knicks to match?  The Thunder would seem to be the best fit, but Lee has seemingly been ignored all off-season.   

7)  Cleveland giving Anderson Varejao a $50 million (with incentives) – The Cavs needed to keep Varejao, but not at that inflated price.  

6)  Bucks GM John Hammonds not extending a qualifying offer to Charlie Villanueva – I completely understand not wanting Villanueva on the roster, but why not extend a qualifying offer of $3 million a year?  This could have enabled Milwaukee to get something back in a sign-and-trade deal.

5)  Joe Dumars signing Villanueva to a 5-yr $40 million dollar deal – At least $10 million too much and Dumars essentially was bidding against himself. 

4)  Joe Dumars signing the one-dimensional Ben Gordon to a 5-yr $55 million dollar contract – If Rip Hamilton isn’t traded then Gordon is destined to come off the bench.  Good luck making the playoffs Joe.

3)  Glen Taylor hiring David Kahn as General Manager – Kahn better pray that Ricky Rubio plays for the Timberwolves or else Randy Foye and a valuable trade chip (Mike Miller) were dealt to the Wizards for next to nothing.

2)  Richard Jefferson being given to San Antonio for scraps – This trade was an unconscionable salary dump.  If the Spurs win it all then Hammonds deserves a ring. 

1)  The Charlotte Bobcats giving up Emeka Okafor for Tyson Chandler – Don’t the Bobcats need more offense?  I think The Chief from “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” has more range than Chandler.     

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