One Game To Win - Vol. 2

Before we get into this week’s edition of One Game To Win, I would just like to post the results of last weeks. If you missed it, last week’s question was – assuming you had one game to win and could choose any point guard to lead your team, who would you choose?

Votes came in over my twitter, facebook and comments on the blog itself and they were slightly mixed. Chauncey Billups was the early favorite and the only other pg’s receiving multiple votes beside the actual winner were Steve Nash and Tony Parker. Billups, Nash and Parker are all good choices, however, the winner of this week’s One Game to Win was…Chris Paul.

Fairly obvious choice here. Paul is widely considered the best point guard in the NBA, possibly the planet. His numbers are off the chart and his talent is clear. Paul received roughly 75% of the votes cast, so good job to him.


Now, that being said, it’s time to dive into this weeks “One Game to Win” topic.

Let me first set the scenario for this week’s edition. You’re a coach of an NBA franchise. Your team is leading by one point in the fourth quarter. Your team is on defense. Kobe Bryant has the ball at the top of the key with a live dribble. There is 12 seconds left in the game. You can choose anyone you want to defend Kobe, who do you choose?

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