More Rings: Rose or Durant? - 50 NBA Hypotheticals to Ponder

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To continue on with some of the great debating that has been going on at Sir Charles in Charge, I threw out fifty hypothetical questions for you people to ponder and chew on for a little while.

In no particular fashion, here they are…

Who will end their career with more championship rings?

Kevin Durant or Derrick Rose?
Dwight Howard or LeBron James?
Steve Nash or Jason Kidd?
Chris Paul or Deron Williams?
Brandon Roy or Chris Bosh?

Which team will have more wins?

08-09 Cavaliers (66 wins) or 09-10 Cavaliers?
08-09 Knicks (32 wins) or 09-10 Knicks?
08-09 Hornets (49 wins) or 09-10 Hornets?
08-09 Jazz (48 wins) or 09-10 Jazz?
08-09 Trail Blazers (54 wins) or 09-10 Trail Blazers?

Which rookie will make an All-Star Game first?

Jonny Flynn?
Tyreke Evans?
Stephen Curry?
James Harden?
Hasheem Thabeet?

Which first year coach lasts the longest with their new team?

Kurt Rambis?
Eddie Jordan?
Flip Saunders?
John Kuester?
Paul Westphal?

Which free agent signing will finish the season with the most total points?

Ben Gordon?
Charlie Villanueva?
Hedo Turkoglu?
Ron Artest?
Trevor Ariza?

Who will miss the more games due to injury in the upcoming season?

Vince Carter or Grant Hill?
Tim Duncan or Kevin Garnett?
Gilbert Arenas or Elton Brand?
Dwayne Wade or Kobe Bryant?
Tracy McGrady or Shaquille O’Neal?

Who plays the most NBA games in the next five years?

Allen Iverson?
Ricky Rubio?
Stephon Marbury?
Yao Ming?
Josh Childress?

Who will be the NBA Champions next season?

Los Angeles Lakers?
Boston Celtics?
Orlando Magic?
San Antonio Spurs?
Cleveland Cavaliers?

Who’s more likely to get selected to their first All-Star Game next season?

Rajon Rondo or Derrick Rose?
LaMarcus Aldridge or Rudy Gay?
David Lee or Joakim Noah?
O.J. Mayo or Eric Gordon?
Kevin Love or Blake Griffin?

Which center finishes with the best career (in terms of stats and accolades)?

Greg Oden?
Brook Lopez?
Andrew Bynum?
Marc Gasol?
Kendrick Perkins?

Let the debating being…

(Justin DeFeo is a co-lead blogger for Sir Charles in Charge. For more basketball discussion and/or material, you are encouraged to connect with him through Twitter or Facebook)

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