Putting a Number on Things - Atlantic Division


Based on the scoring, Pierce was the only 5 point player in the Atlantic Division.

In order to stem the tide in this longgg off-season, I have decided to take a look at all the teams in the NBA and give them a value based on the talent of the player’s on their team. Each player will be assigned a number based on their play last season. We’ll add up each individuals number and get a number for the team. This week we’re looking at the Atlantic Division.

Here’s how the individual player scoring system breaks down:

5 = All-NBA performers. Bonafide stars in this league. Franchise players.
4 = All-Stars. Just a step below level 5 players, but could get there.
3 = Solid 2nd and 3rd options on all NBA teams. May be All-Stars in future or have been in past.
2 = A player that fulfills his role sufficiently. 
1 = Doesn’t bring much to the table. There are people better than him for his particular job.

That’s the basic thought process going behind these guys. These are not projections either, these are the numbers that I feel these players were last season (only rookies will be based on projection). I’m going to only offer up what I feel to be the top 8 players for each team for the 2009-2010 season.  

This week we’re going to look at the Atlantic Division:

Boston Celtics = 24

Paul Pierce – 5
Kevin Garnett – 4
Ray Allen – 4
Rajon Rondo – 3
Kendrick Perkins – 2
Rasheed Wallace – 2
Glen Davis – 2
Eddie House – 2

New Jersey Nets = 18

Devin Harris – 4
Brook Lopez – 3
Courtney Lee – 2
Yi Jianlian – 2
Terrence Williams – 2
Keyon Dooling - 2
Chris Douglas Roberts – 2
Bobby Simmons – 1

New York Knicks = 17

David Lee – 3
Nate Robinson – 3
Al Harrington – 3
Wilson Chandler – 2
Danilo Gallinari – 2
Jordan Hill - 2
Larry Hughes – 1
Chris Duhon – 1

Philadelphia 76ers = 17

Andre Iguodala – 3
Thaddeus Young – 3
Elton Brand – 3
Louis Williams – 2
Samuel Dalembert – 2
Marreese Speights – 2
Kareem Rush – 1
Jrue Holliday – 1

Toronto Raptors = 17

Chris Bosh – 4
Hedo Turkoglu – 3
Jose Calderon – 3
Andrea Barnagni – 2
Jarrett Jack – 2
Rasho Nesterovic – 1
DeMar DeRozan - 1
Marco Belinelli – 1

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  • reply

    Joey Graham is no longer on the raptors roster.

    also I dunno what this is supposed to prove but the atlantic division this upcoming season will break down like this:
    4-New Jersey or New York
    5-New York or New Jersey

  • tony

    How is Brand a 3? he has played something like 35 games in two seasons!

  • http://www.twitter.com/justindefeo Justin DeFeo

    @reply This is not necessarily a prediction based model. Just a different way to look at the teams and how they break down.

    @tony When Brand is on the floor, is he not a solid 2nd or 3RD option on MOST NBA teams?

  • blaze89

    give me a break man who ever wrote this should switch to critiquing cricket where no one gives a crap. thats the worst rating ive ever seen and ive talked to 7 year olds with more insight then this. Bargani a 2? belinelli a 1? have heard something that full of crap since OJ said i didnt do it.

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  • Cam

    Andrea Bargnani “fulfills his role sufficiently”??? He’s not even an acceptable 3rd option?

    Come on. His sophomore season was crap (no other word for it) but he’s a different, better player now. By the end of this season, he’ll have established himself as the best player from the 2006 draft not named Brandon Roy.