Gilbert Arenas - Ready to be (Just) A Basketball Player

Seems pretty obvious right? Well in this day and age of athlete/fan interaction and all that is out there for players to get their faces and personalities out there, athletes have been putting more and more time into social media conquests.

Common sense would lead you to believe that..more time being spent on other activities is meaning less time being spent on practicing your craft. Not saying that’s true, but it does open yourself up to easy criticism if things go wrong.

Well, Washington Wizards fans should be happy to know that their star player, Gilbert Arenas, is ready to play.

Michael Lee of the Washington Post was reporting from the Wizards’ media day and a reluctant to talk Arenas came to this conclusion for the upcoming season:

“The biggest thing he had to say was that he was done being an entertainer. No more Agent Zero. No more hibachi. No more antics. No more blogging. And he says he has no plans to get on Twitter. Arenas said he is focused only on playing basketball and being more a leader for the team.”

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Gilbert as a player and his blog is/was pretty entertaining. But lets get real here – this guy is getting paid serious money to produce on the court and only now is he realizing that he should be less sizzle and more steak.

I’m glad he’s rediscovered that fact, before it was too late.

Just for fun I wanted to add in Gilbert’s Adidas Commercial, always one of my favorites:

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