Raptors, Kings & Hornets Coaches on the Hot Seat


Desmond Mason will lead us to the playoffs!

Last season NBA head coaches were being whacked with a high degree of frequency.  This year I don’t expect more than one or two to lose their jobs but I thought it would be fun to speculate about who would be the first coach kicked to the curb.  Check out the poll on the right sidebar later today and cast your vote.   As far as I’m concerned, here are the front-runners:

Jay Triano/3:1 – Although there are a lot of new faces in Toronto and it may take some time for the team to gel, the Raptors should win 50 games this season.  If Triano doesn’t have a .500 record at the all-star break, look for Bryan Colangelo and his itchy trigger finger to make a move.  

Paul Westphal/4:1 – The Kings have some quality young players, but the losses are likely to pile up faster than the bodies did in the first twenty minutes of Shoot ‘Em Up.  Barring a miracle it’s going to be a long year in Sacramento.

Don Nelson/5:1 - These are also the odds of Stephen Jackson threatening to kill Don Nelson within the first 20 games of the year and being suspended indefinitely. Nellie is an absolute lunatic and anything is possibile in the Bay Area this season.     

Byron Scott/10:1 – The Hornets slipped from a 2 seed to a 7 seed and Byron Scott is undoubtedly feeling some pressure.  If New Orleans isn’t comfortably in the playoff picture on Valentines Day then Scott could get the axe.

Mike Woodson/15:1 - The Hawks appear to be on the rise, but the dicey ownership situation is always an issue in Atlanta.  As long as Woodson makes the playoffs he should be safe.

*Kurt Rambis/35:1- A coaching staff of Phil Jackson, John Wooden and the ghost of Red Auerbach couldn’t lead Minnesota to 35 wins.  No matter how ugly things get for the Timberwolves this season, Rambis will likely get at least two years at the helm.

*Mike Dunleavy/50:1 – Dumbleavy deserves to be canned if this talented Clippers team stumbles out of the gate, but the notoriously frugal Donald Sterling will never do it. 

Anyone left out?  If so, let us know in the comments section.

Drew is the lead blogger for Pacman Jonesin’ and will be contributing to Sir Charles In Charge on a weekly basis all season.

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