Dumb (John Hammond) and Dumber (Mike Dunleavy)


A moment of silence please…the Joe Alexander Era in Milwaukee is over.  On August 6th here is what I wrote about John Hammond while counting down the ten worst NBA general managers:

4)   John Hammond -  Hiring Sourpuss Scott Skiles, drafting Joe Alexander, dumping Richard Jefferson for eighteen cents on the dollar and failing to extend a qualifying offer to Charlie Villanueva are just four of the dubious decisions Hammonds has made as GM of the Bucks in a span of less than two years.

Hammond’s selection of Brandon Jennings certainly looks good right now, but BJ will need to capture the ROY to erase the colossal blunder of drafting Alexander.   Just a horrible draft choice…perhaps one of the worst top ten picks in the history of the NBA.     

Back on June 13th in a list of the worst NBA coaches, here is what I wrote about Mike Dunleavy.

1)   Mike Dunleavy – Must have pictures of Donald Sterling fellating a few farm animals.  Dumbleavy is completely incompetent, but will be back as both head coach and general manager of the Clippers next season.  Simply baffling…

So far this season the Clippers are 0-4 and Dunleavy has been a disaster on the sidelines.  Games against the Suns and Jazz were winnable and Baron Davis didn’t play a minute in the 4th quarter last night against Dallas (despite being completely healthy). 

Even without stud rookie Blake Griffin, the Clippers have enough talent to make the playoffs.  However, until Dunleavy steps aside and brings in a competent coach it’s likely going to be another year in which the Clippers are on the outside looking in. 

(In addition to being a frustrated Bucks & Clippers fan, Drew also is the lead blogger of Pacman Jonesin’)

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