Playoff Breakdown - Rajon Rondo's Euro Step

In the Celtics somewhat surprising series victory over the Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference semi-final, some were calling Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo the best player in the series and with good reason.

Traditionally point guards have the ball in their hands more than any other player and it is up to them to use any means necessary to get teammates or sometimes themselves baskets. Often times point guards call upon fakes or any use of trickery to accomplish this, Rondo being no stranger to that.

In the second quarter of game six, Rondo uses slight deception and executes a great euro step to get himself a basket and propel the Celtics to victory.

As you’ll see in the clip, Rondo gets the ball after a Cavaliers miss and is able to take off up the court with no Cav stopping the ball until Jamario Moon meets Rondo inside his own three point line. This is bad news for Moon, as Rondo, one of the fastest playes in the NBA is able to gain a full head of steam. It is at this point that Rondo begins his euro step.

Below, you see Rondo’s first step with his right foot and it is taking him to the right of Moon.

With Rondo’s next step using his left foot, he then steps to the left of Moon, going around him and is able to take off with enough lift to carry himself to the basket.

He then finishes beautifully, scooping it in with his right hand.

Here it is live:

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