Does Oklahoma City Need Another Big?

Serge Ibaka

Lt. Surge leads the charge for OKC in the frontcourt....but do they need more? Via:Newsok

With Los Angeles  looking to be on the decline ( or dormant, whichever you choose), Dallas now missing their 3rd best player and San Antonio taking a step back, the Oklahoma City Thunder sit in a perfect position.  However, the Thunder’s biggest problem is the frontcourt.  Well, how do we fix that?  Let’s start with what seems to be the prevailing question…the value of the movable pieces.

- Who’s the more valuable piece? Jeff Green or James Harden?

For Oklahoma City to obtain a post threat, they must give up one of their young prospects. Which player can help Oklahoma City get a solid big man more? I’m going Jeff Green. For the past 3 seasons, Green has played out of position and is actually quite underrated. Coming out of Georgetown, Green was a solid, do everything player. He can pass, rebound and score adequately.  For some teams, I believe Green could be the piece that intrigues them more then the 2nd year swingman James Harden.

- Which position should they upgrade? Power Forward or Center?

The Thunder do have Serge Ibaka, who’s been very effective at times on defense. He’s a work-in-progress on offense. In the draft, OKC did draft Cole Aldrich with the 11th overall pick. I believe the center position is the one to upgrade. With Ibaka as the defensive power forward, they could use a strong offensive center, who can also grab rebounds.

- Who’s the best fit for Oklahoma City?

With Anderson Verajao out for the season, I have 4 players who OKC could use to upgrade the center position. Chris Kaman, Marresse Speights, Marcus Camby and Javale McGee. Chris Kaman, who’s currently injured, would be a great fit inside opposite Ibaka. Kaman could score and is a very polished low post player.  Marcus Camby is a ideal option who could produce rebounds and blocks at a premium rate and score well. Can he score similar to Kaman? No, but the points he does provide plus the ability to be a strong defensive frontcourt opposite Ibaka is something OKC could value alot. Both Speights and McGee are younger options. Both would be pieces in a larger deal if the Thunder wanted to pursuit. McGee provides high upside who can score and provide defense. Speights in spurts, has shown the ability to score. Maybe, if OKC wanted Andre Iguadala as well, they could inquire about Speights as well.

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