March 20, 2012; Salt Lake City, UT, USA; Oklahoma City Thunder guard James Harden (13) warms up prior to a game against the Utah Jazz at Energy Solutions Arena. Mandatory Credit: Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

A Man And His Beard: A James Harden Production

James Harden hit the biggest shot of his life in game 5 Monday night. Harden hit a step back 3 pointer with only 28 seconds on the clock. Finishing the game with 20 points and furthering the legacy of his beard. This made one man think, not a smart man, but a man nonetheless. What exactly has James Harden’s beard taught us this postseason.

Being the top of the line investigative reporter that I am, I soon found out all the answers were in Harden’s beard. So with the help of a comb, scissors, and latex gloves, here are 10 things I found in “The Beard” concerning the 2012 NBA Playoffs.

  • Chris Bosh’s script to be an extra in Jurassic Park. It’s not a talking part. They would prefer him to be in the background…just sitting there….doing nothing….until he is forgotten about.
  • Rajon Rondo’s respect. It was right behind Steve Nash’s underrated season. I don’t know how either got there except they were both neglected and had lice growing on them.
  • Lebron James. Everyone was wondering where he was during the final moments of games. Well I found him. He wasn’t shrinking in the big moment. All he was doing was hiding out in Harden’s beard.
  • Knicks beating Heat upset predictions. Remember a slew of excited media members picking New York to give Miami a series? Well they wanted you to forget…..So they hid them in “The Beard”.
  • James Harden used to have a baby face. Manu Ginobili used to have lots of hair. Ever wonder where the latter went? You’re welcome.
  • Referees patience. Getting involved in games are all the rage today if you’re an NBA ref. It wasn’t always like that.
  • Gordon Heyward as a good player. 7 points a game and 18% from the floor. That’s a good way to dispel any notion of you being an up and comer.
  • Kevin Garnett’s good guy quality. He has one but it just got lost in Harden’s facial hair. KG has been in the league a lot longer than Harden has had the beard. So upon further investigation I found out it was in hiding with Stephon Marbury’s sanity.
  • Blake Griffin’s man card. Guy does a lot of flopping. If it wasn’t for Sportcenter showing his dunks, his man card could have been pulled last year.
  • My ability to do “20 Things In Harden’s Beard” list….Because that was the original game plan. It got lost while I was looking for #11. I saw Lil Wayne there. But I couldn’t get into that section of the beard.


Joseph Nardone is a Writer/Blogger for Sir Charles In Charge. He is also a loyalist apologist for Rajon Rondo. You can follow him on the twitter machine @JosephNardone

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