July 24, 2012; Barcelona, SPAIN; USA forward LeBron James (6) celebrates with teammates on the bench during the second half of an exhibition game against Spain in preparation for the 2012 London Olympic Games at Palau Sant Jordi. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-US PRESSWIRE

A Salute To The 2012 USA Men's Basketball Team

Yesterdays opening ceremonies officially began the 2012 Olympic Games.

The USA  men’s basketball team, led by the NBA’s best, is gearing up to take on the world and prove that we truly are the most dominant basketball nation.

Arguments have come about as to whether or not the 2012 USA Men’s Basketball Team could compete with the 1992 “Dream Team” and generally those arguments are lopsided in the Dream Team’s favor. While today’s Team USA presents a compelling case with the likes of LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant, their overall game may not be up to par with the Dream Team’s.

The Dream Team had floor generals, post presence, wing presence, defense and brawn, while the main advantage today’s team has is athleticism.

That’s about it.

However, today’s team doesn’t need to worry about competing against the Dream Team, and therefore should keep their eyes on the overall prize, rather than trying to dissolve generational gaps.

That big prize is the Olympic Gold Medal in men’s basketball.

Team USA is one of the best teams put together in years, thus provoking the Dream Team comparisons.

Does this mean our dreams of Olympic Gold could become a reality? If any team could pull off the feat in dominating fashion, it would be this 2012 squad. Despite their weakness in the post, this is led by a new generation of the NBA’s superstars, most notably LeBron James and Kevin Durant. These two players are arguably the collective faces of the NBA, on top of their respective franchises in Miami and OKC. They are the best candidates to lead an Olympic team to Gold.

With talent like that, who needs a bunch of 7 footers? What Team USA lacks in size, they make up for in athleticism, skill, and pure hunger for greatness.

Throw in some other marquee names such as Deron Williams, Kobe Bryant, and Carmelo Anthony to contribute and this team will surely be an unstoppable juggernaut.

Best of luck to our 2012 Team USA Men’s Basketball! USA! USA! USA!!


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