Video: Kenyan Orphans Re-Enact The 1987 NBA Playoffs For Charity

I don’t usually tend to post videos as actual pieces here at the site, but this future viral video was just too amazing to not help share with the world.

The clip was first presented to me by a friend of mine named Sheara Guttman (who you can follow on Twitter here by the way) on my Facebook page. She was hoping to share the video with as many people as possible to help spread this beautiful message and inspiring piece of footage.

The video was made and produced by Daniel Freiman (who I believe is a friend of Sheara’s) and the kids of the Grace Care Orphanage in Kenya.

The following is a description of the video as first presented on its Youtube page….

More then 200 children at the Grace Care Orphanage in Kenya re-enact Larry Bird’s legendary steal and game-winning assist from the 1987 Eastern Conference Finals. 

GRACE CARE CENTRE is home to over 200 children. There is nowhere for them to safely access a playing field. Please help turn their dreams into reality by contributing to this campaign, so the orphanage can purchase a field they desperately need.

The desired field is located just down the street from the Grace Care Centre in West Nairobe, Kenya.

The $56,000 will cover the costs of the field, leveling fees, legal fees, land transfer fees, and taxes.

100% of proceeds received by Lift The Children will be donated to the GRACE CARE CENTRE in their quest to purchase a field. Additional funds raised will go towards the ongoing funding of the basic needs of other Lift the Children sponsored orphanages.

Currently, the children spend their playtime in a cramped courtyard at the orphanage, and have invented a game they play with rocks that combines hopscotch and rock kicking. There is no space for running around.

Playing sports gives kids confidence, which leads to the breaking down of social barriers OUTSIDE of sports. 

This playing field is about more than just allowing 200 orphans to play soccer.

It is about more than getting these kids out of their tiny school, where they stand around kicking rocks all day.

It is about way, way more than all of that.

The harsh reality is that without these basic tools that sport provides, these children will be significantly challenged to survive in a third world country once their time at the orphanage expires. 

*US/Canadian tax receipt issued electronically by Lift The Children/Welcome Home Society for donations of $20 or greater. Include email address. 

US (Welcome Home Society): EIN# 91-2061674
Canada (Lift The Children): BIN 80569-0690-RR-0001


Here is the original clip of the play….

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