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The New Orleans Hornets To Change Nickname To Pelicans?

Let me just reiterate right off the bat that this is not a joke. 


In a story first broken by Yahoo Sports, it is expected that the New Orleans Hornets will be changing their team name to the New Orleans Pelicans as early as the 2013/14 regular season.

Plans have been in the works to change the name ever since owner Tom Benson purchased the team back in April.

The idea for the “Pelican” comes from the Louisiana state bird, which is the brown Pelican. It appears on the state flag and seal, as well as the official state painting.

Benson currently owns the rights to the nickname Pelican.

Other nicknames like the “Krewe” (costumed paraders in the annual Mardi Gras celebration) and “Brass” were also considered.

The franchise has been in New Orleans since 2002, when it came over from Charlotte.

Michael Jordan, the current owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, had expressed interest in reacquiring the “Hornets” name if it were to become vacant, which it looks like it most certainly will be.

With the apparent name change being leaked to the public, many NBA fans have taken their opinions to Twitter to express how they feel about the “Pelican” switch.

I personally would have liked to see either the “Krewe” or “Brass” name chosen.

Why you may ask?

It’s because neither of those names are “Pelican”.

There is a reason so many people have found humour in this.

Whether it has some profound meaning to the state or not, the New Orleans Pelicans is simply a terrible, terrible name.

Now it hasn’t been made official yet, but if this does in fact become true, well….enjoy your Pelican basketball New Orleans.

Christopher Walder is the Lead Editor for Sir Charles in Charge. You can follow him on Twitter @WALDERSPORTS

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