NBA All-Star 2013: Grading Every Dunk From The Sprite Slam Dunk Contest

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Mandatory Credit: Jeff Haynes/Reuters via USA TODAY Sports

The 2013 edition of the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest has come and gone, with Toronto Raptors rookie Terrence Ross taking the top prize after knocking off defending champion Jeremy Evans in the final round.

While the competition did have its moments, for the most part, it was rather unremarkable.

Let’s take a look back at all of the dunks on the night and see just how good (or bad) everyone did.

Gerald Green Dunk #1  (Official Score: 50)


Considering some of the garbage that followed, this was easily one of the best dunks on the night. Green has a vertical to die for, as his head nearly hit the rim because he jumped so damn high. It was quite impressive.

NBA on TNT analyst Kenny Smith really hyped up the rest of the event after this amazing jam, saying that it was going to be one of the ten greatest Dunk Contests of all-time.

Of course, he was dead wrong.

James White Dunk #1 (Official Score: 45)


As soon as I noticed that he was going to attempt a free-throw dunk, I immediately had flashbacks of when he put the ball between-his-legs after jumping from the foul line in a Dunk Contest in Europe a few years ago.

I hyped myself up for this dunk, as my expectations for White were sky-high going into this competition. It wasn’t terrible, but considering he didn’t actually take off from the charity stripe, it just didn’t resonate with me.

Terrence Ross Dunk #1 (Final Score: 50)


Shaquille O’Neal made a valid point on commentary; the more attempts it takes to complete a dunk, the less exciting it is when you actually complete it, regardless of the difficulty.

The judges clearly didn’t hold all of his misses against him, awarding Ross a 50.

I probably would have, as the stickler that I am.

Kenneth Faried Dunk #1 (Final Score: 39)



If the “Manimal” completed this dunk with more power and authority, it would have come off a lot better than it did.

It looked like he wound up too far under the net after completing his 360 degree rotation, leaving him vulnerable to a weak dunk.

Eric Bledsoe Dunk #1: (Final Score: 39)


Bledsoe was originally going for a dunk between-his-legs, but after failing miserably on several occasions, he wound up settling for this.


I will cut him some slack for being tired and just needing to get a dunk down to get a reasonable score. Otherwise, I would have given this an F.

Jeremy Evans Dunk #1 (Final Score: 47)


Utah Jazz great Mark Eaton looked like he wanted to be anywhere else.

If Evans had nailed it on his first attempt, he would have gotten a better mark from moi.

I’ve seen the “let’s jam over someone while they’re sitting down” dunk before. It’s nothing new.

For an opening dunk, I guess it was alright.

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