NBA All-Star 2013: Grading Every Dunk From The Sprite Slam Dunk Contest

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Gerald Green Dunk #2: (Final Score: 32)


Cutting off the mesh of the net was just stupid. Even if he had completed the dunk during the allotted time, it wasn’t anything to write home about.

Hanging from the net, grabbing the ball while it goes through and dunking it again is supposed to be impressive?

Not to this guy.

The man who climbed the ladder and put the mesh back in place was more exciting to watch than this nonsense.

James White Dunk #2 (Final Score: 32)


Go watch his YouTube videos. Seriously. Don’t watch this crap.

He could have hit a three-pointer and got a higher score. The most hyped-up dunker in recent memory couldn’t even complete a dunk on his second attempt?

Are you serious, bro?

Terrence Ross Dunk #2 (Final Score: 49)

GRADE: C +/B -

The judges were giving out high scores like they were Halloween candy or something.

This 180 degree jam by Ross didn’t deserve a “10”. It was a high “9” at best.

If the dunks leading up to this weren’t so pathetic, the judges and commentators probably wouldn’t have cared as much as they did.

Kenneth Faried Dunk #2 (Final Score: 50)


It’s about damn time.

His off-the-backboard, between-his-legs jam had been done before in a previous dunk contest by Jason Richardson (it was much better back then), but on a night where 80% of the dunks made you want to fall asleep, this at least got everyone out of their seats in a positive way.

If Faried hasn’t butchered his first dunk, his second attempt would have easily gotten him in the Finals.

Eric Bledsoe #2 (Final Score: 50)


Now we’re talking.

This was the definition of a “classic dunk”. There was no story, props or anything of the sort behind it.

Bledsoe showed great power and agility with this reverse windmill slam. Dunks always look better coming from shorter players.

At the very least, it made me forget about his first attempt.

Jeremy Evans Dunk #2 (Final Score: 43)


Evans made dunking two basketballs look better last year when he did it catching them in mid-air after leaping over teammate Gordon Hayward.

This was a safe dunk that got him in the Finals.

Nothing special. Nothing memorable.

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