Dennis Rodman And Kim Jong-Un Team Up In 'NBA JAM' (Video)

If I knew how dominant a player North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un was in “NBA JAM“, I wouldn’t have been wasting my time with Bill Clinton all those years.

Jong-Un and his new “best friend” Dennis Rodman have now taken their talents to the popular basketball video game “NBA JAM”, and by the looks of things, this Supreme Leader has a few tricks up his sleeve.

(The North Korean All-Stars: Jong-Un/Rodman) vs (The Pathetic Americans: M. Jackson and S. Marciulionis). Yes, Marciulionis isn’t an actual American, but for the sake of this game, let’s just pretend that he is, shall we?

Of course, this video is simply a parody, so don’t even bother attempting every button combination known to mankind just to unlock these two as secret characters.

It appears that Kim Jong-Un has the skill level of 1000 Michael Jordan’s (his stats are pretty much maxed out), so it wouldn’t even be a fair contest anyways.

248 points in the first half? Zero assists?

Forget 1000 Michael Jordan’s. Jong-Un is equal to 1000 Kobe Bryant’s.


He’s so good, his three-pointers are worth eight points!

I feel like the next move for these two would be to star together in a sitcom on a major network. How about a variety show?

The Rodman/Jong-Un dancers anyone?

That sounds pretty damn awesome.

This video is provided by the folks at “Official Comedy”. You can check out their YouTube channel by clicking here.

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