May 1, 2013; New York, NY, USA; Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers coaches New York Knicks during the first half in game five of the first round of the 2013 NBA Playoffs at Madison Square Garden. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Playoffs 2013: Boston Celtics Continue to Survive; Beat New York Knicks 92-86 In Game 5

Facing elimination once again, the Celtics went down 0-11 before Celtics got on the board by free throw. But, knowing Boston, you expected them to come right back into it, and that’s what they did, ending the first quarter down by two. And then they were in the lead 45-39 lead at the half. Knicks continued to shoot poorly from the perimeter. All season, they lived (very well) and died by the three. Right now, it’s killing them.

J.R. Smith, quoted as feeling like the Knicks’ loss in game four was his fault, wanted to make sure the Knicks moved on. But he didn’t score his first field goal until the fourth quarter, going 0-10 before the first bucket, which was a 3 pointer. He is the reigning Sixth Man but, they say the crowd is a Sixth Man too, and they had plenty of venom for Jason Terry, the guy Smith got suspended for hitting and the same guy who led the Celtics to win in game 4 in overtime. Even though the Knicks dominated the series, you still had the sense of a great rivalry that peaked with the alleged cereal comment from Kevin Garnett to Carmelo Anthony.

Now look, many saw a sweep once the Knicks went 3-0. Most saw this game as the final one. But here the Celtics are, winners of two straight, and down 2-3 and heading to Boston. Can the Celtics win and make it to game 7? It wouldn’t be the first time a team has done this. But, for the first time ever, are the Celtics going to be that team that comes from 0-3 to win a best of seven series? At this point, I don’t even know. Knicks really blew it here but can still take this series. They need to stop playing with their food and finish the meal that is the Celtics.

Some would say the Knicks talked too much trash before this game. Look, you’re dealing with a team that has been battled tested for the longest time. They are led by a great coach and veterans who have won at least one championship. Future Hall of Famers. You simply cannot play around with that kind of team. You can’t. Knicks did; and they got burned.

Knicks have to hope that their immaturity doesn’t get them embarrassed  Again, 103 times, teams have fallen 0-3 in a best of seven series. Quite a few make it to game five. Fewer make it to six. Only a couple make it to seven. None have won. I still have the Knicks winning the series but this proves that a series is not over, until it’s over.

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