Jun 16, 2013; San Antonio, TX, USA; Miami Heat shooting guard Dwyane Wade (right) and small forward LeBron James addresses the media after game five in the 2013 NBA Finals against the San Antonio Spurs at the AT

NBA Finals 2013: LeBron, Heat in very similar spot

LeBron James and the Miami Heat have been here before. Down 3-2 in an NBA Finals series, heading home for Games 6 and 7.

We know what happened the first time. We know LeBron came up small in the biggest moment of his career up to that point. We know the Heat failed. We know the Dallas Mavericks went on to win the championship.

But that was different. At least, that’s what the Heat are hoping.

LeBron was simply a prince then. He shied away from pressure. He relied on a Dwyane Wade to get him out of trouble, sometimes even a Chris Bosh.

Things are different now. He welcomes it now, as a King should.

He’s saying all the right things, now it’s a matter of putting together his best game of the season so far in order to save his fellow super friends.

Just like they have done time and time again to LeBron in the past.

During the summer of 2010, the Heat came together to win Championships. Nothing else. In order to do that they have to win Game 6, worry about Game 7 later.

LeBron says that we’re going to see if this team has improved from the 2011 squad that failed in this same situation. It’s almost like poetic justice.

Hasn’t anything that the Heat accomplished been that?

When the Big Three came together, many thought it would be easy. They thought they would just bulldozer through the League. That isn’t/wasn’t the case. Then again, when is it ever that easy.

In 20 years we’re going to look at this team in one of two lights. We’re either going to look back at a moment that changed the NBA forever with the implication of “Super Teams” OR we’re going to look back at one of the biggest disappointments in NBA history.

The bust of superstars coming together.

Either way, LeBron is going to be at the center of it. His legacy could very well hinge on his next two games.

We’re either going to put him in the conversation of best ever, or he’s going to be put into the category of a freak talent that never closed the deals in Finals.

If Miami and LeBron lose this Finals, James would be 1-3 in Finals series.

Definitely not fit for a king. Especially not King James.

So, have the Heat improved psychologically — and as a team — since 2011? Not sure, but we’re definitely about to find out.

This is going to be fun.

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