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Michael Jordan Says He Could've Beaten LeBron James 1-on-1

Can the NBA season just start please? Please!

The best selling basketball video-game franchise in the world, NBA 2K, released its newest game today and spoke with six-time NBA Finals MVP, Michael Jordan, for a promotional video. He spoke on him vs. LeBron in a game of 1-on-1 in his prime.

“I don’t think I would lose. [NBC]

He doesn’t “think” he would lose. Does that mean he has doubts about going toe-to-toe with the freak of nature that is LeBron James? Sounds like it!(Extreme sarcasm)

Jordan goes on to talk about his imposter, Kobe Bryant, if he believes he could beat him.

Other than to Kobe Bryant because he steals all of my moves.” [NBC]

Of course that was a lighthearted answer by the Jordan, even though Kobe’s skill set is identical of Jordan’s.

This seems to happen every year–Jordan makes a comment about “Who’s better” or “Who he’d annihilate in a 1-on-1″ and the comment sections of the articles explode with people name-calling and arguing for hours.

I’m not a huge fan of hypothetical situations such as “Jordan vs Kobe or LeBron” or “Tom Brady vs ’85 Bears”, it leads to nowhere. I always am not a fan of 1-on-1 basketball unless there is five seconds left in the shot clock or your team stinks, and that’s the best shot every time on offense.

And one-on-one basketball doesn’t matter in the NBA.

Jamal Crawford is a better 1-on-1 player than Danny Green and Jimmy Butler. But Green and Butler don’t need the ball to be a factor and can play team defense.

Does anyone take Crawford over those two because he’s a better 1-on-1 player? NO.

Being the best 1-on-1 player matters as much as James White being the best dunker in the NBA.


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