Dec 28, 2012; Dallas, TX, USA; Dallas Mavericks forward Chris Douglas-Roberts (17) drives to the basket as Denver Nuggets point guard Andre Miller (24) defends during the first half at the American Airlines Center. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Douglas-Roberts Reflects on LeBron, Rose and Kobe via Instagram

Ah, Saturday night. When most spend their time brain-storming and rounding up some of their best ideas and thoughts. Wait, what?

Of course, not everyone is Chris Douglas-Roberts, who spent his most recent Saturday night reflecting on his Instagram account on LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Derrick Rose.

On LeBron, he wrote:

This my ****a fa real. One of the real ones. I met Bronny when I was 15. His edge up was still alive then. He had a triple double this game. I scored 30 but we lost. He told me “don’t worry about shit you can’t control. Get better everyday & things will fall in place.” He’ll end up being the most storied hooper to ever play. Appreciate his greatness while you can.#GoingThruOldVisualsOnThePlane #WavyOffTheMerlot#MightBringTheGogglesBack #BuckWilliamsWave#IHadEveryColorToMatchMyKicks

On his former college teammate, Derrick Rose, he wrote:

We don’t talk as much. Shit we got kids out here…but I know when I go to Chicago that big boy Bentley Mulsanne or that Phantom is going to be waiting on me. This another real one. First week on campus we were shooting half court shots for the lil money we had. I tried to cheat him out of a $100. Ahahaa. In so many words he told me he wasn’t going. Real recognized real that day on. Nobody happier for Pooh success than me.#BestPGinTheLeague #IAmBiased#ImWithFamilyRightOrWrong

Then again:

Man this is my last one before I go. After this game everybody was tweeting me “what were you and D.Rose talking about after the game?” This was his MVP season. He had 25 & 8 & I had 30 & 5 this game. Can’t tell you what was said exactly. Ahahaaa. But at the end of the conversation I told him go get that MVP & he did.#IPoppedABottleOfSpadeWhenTheyAnnouncedIt#DefinitelyBringingTheHoGrantsBack#SeeYallAtTheFinishLine

And, finally, on Kobe Bryant:

A lot of ppl wondered why Bean spoke so highly of me last yr. First day of camp Mike Brown tried to throw me in the fire right away. Made me & Bean 1 on 1 partners for the whole first practice. What Mike Brown didn’t know is that’s what I was waiting for. That whole day we went head up. At one point it damn near came to blows bc Bean will do anything for an edge. So he was elbowing me on the low for separation & I couldn’t let that go as a competitor. As a man. The refs were too scared to call the foul bc he was intimidating them all practice. But at then end it was all love. The respect is mutual. Gave me some pointers that are priceless. It’s a misconception on Bean. Ppl think he’s a sucker…hard to play with. It’s just that he expects the most of his teammates bc he works so hard. Easily realist hooper I’ve met. He never lies and I respect that.#ClosestThingtoJordan #HeNeverSleepsEither #ImOut

It’s always interesting when one NBA player talks about other NBA players. Respect.


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