Nov 8, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah (13) dives to make a rebound against the Utah Jazz during the first quarter at the United Center. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Panic Meter Monday (Week 2)

We’re two weeks into the young NBA season and this is the point in the season where we should start getting a feel to who, or what, teams really are. Every two weeks, we’re going to bring you “NBA Panic Meter Monday” for five NBA teams, where we basically decide where on the panic meter (0-10) each team is.

Essentially, at 10 and you should start freaking out and completely sell your team’s chances this season. A zero means don’t panic at all.

Simple enough? Let’s play…



The Knicks are in the midst of a rough start; mostly indicative by their record but the loss of Tyson Chandler for the foreseeable future should also be taken into account. They are fresh off laying a complete egg to the Spurs and have a somewhat rough next few games (Atlanta 2x, Houston, Detroit and Indiana). Those things considered, the Knicks still have a top-7 (?) player in the league and a nice group of players surrounding him. The key will be holding on until that frontcourt depth (Chandler) comes back. That’ll be the ultimate test. Still, I don’t think the Knicks are in that much trouble. Not yet.




The Nets played one really great game, pretty much, against the Miami Heat. Apart from that instance, they’ve been OK. They almost knocked off the undefeated Indiana Pacers but almost don’t count in this league. If it did, Tim Duncan would have five rings (wow, shots fired). With that said, there’s just too much talent on this team for them not to make a run.




Is it just me or did the Bulls look better last year without Derrick Rose, then they do this season with him? Please, don’t start the narratives. But evidently, Rose isn’t completely back into the swing of things yet. That’s really the only real explanation for their slow start. I trust Rose and Tom Thibodeau




Sigh. On the bright side, the Wizards losses are not THAT bad – Philadelphia (when they were on pace for 82-0, the Heat, Detroit and OKC). If it’s any consolation, they did beat Brooklyn. On paper, they’re a talented team but I had much higher expectations for them. The good thing is that it appears that Bradley Beal seems to be coming around – he scored a career-high 34 points in the loss Sunday night against the Thunder. Also, you’re probably not going to need 40-plus wins to make the playoffs in the Eastern Conference. That should help.




The only team that STILL hasn’t won a regular season game. The Jazz is slowly, quietly winning the tanking marathon. Which may or may not be purposely. It’s apparent that the loss of Trey Burke is hurting the Jazz more a little more than most of us expected. We’ll be able to gauge this team a little more when he makes his return. Until then, they’re going to continue to struggle mightily.


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