Nov 12, 2013; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Heat small forward Michael Beasley (8) dribbles as Milwaukee Bucks power forward John Henson (31) defends during the second half at American Airlines Arena. The Heat won 118-95. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Heat: It's time for them to unleash their secret weapon

When the Miami Heat went out and signed Michael Beasley in September, I had a feeling it would be a bigger addition than most people were expecting.

And now that time is here.

The Miami Heat probably won’t admit it, but the way that Beasley has played so far this season (in his limited time) needs to stop getting overlooked.

In 32 minutes this season (over the span of three games in which he’s appeared in), Beasley has scored 35 points while shooting 64 percent from the field.


I know the sample size is small, but in the only game where he’s received “extended” minutes he’s impressed, you could say.

Against the Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday night, Beasley logged 19 minutes and scored 19 points on 8 of 12 shooting. Yeah. Beasley got the extended run because of a missing Udonis Haslem and Ray Allen. Obviously, if given the opportunity, Beasley can produce. He will. He’s proved that already.

I guess the one thing that is keeping him from the rotation is his rebounding. At least that’s how Beasley made it sound when he talked to reporters after the Heat’s 118-95 win on Tuesday night.

Beasley reminded reporters, gushing over his scoring stats, that he didn’t have a rebound yet.

“It’s not good,” he said, with a head shake.

That’ll come, though.

I’ve been waiting for the moment. I think that moment was on Tuesday. He proved that he’s ready. Ready for the next step and ready for his role.

I know Eric Spoelstra and the Miami Heat have been going out of their way to keep his role (whatever it’s going to be) under their sleeves. But that’s enough. It’s time for the Heat to release EASY MONEY. We got the preview on Tuesday. And if Tuesday was any indication, it will only add another dimension to the Heat.

I’ve been saying it since day 1. Beasley is eventually going to be the super sixth man, if the Heat let him. Remember, the Heat haven’t really had that type of scoring option off the bench. Be prepared.

Miami has two secret weapons buried on the bench. It’s time for the first of the two to get released. The Indiana Pacers have raced off to a historic start early in the season, but Miami isn’t far behind. It’s time for the Heat to unleash EASY MONEY to even things up a bit.

If you slowly start to see Spo dial back Haslem’s minutes and up Beasley’s, you now know why.

Miami’s Secret weapon is locked, loaded and ready for action. It’s up to Spo now.



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