Oct 25, 2013; Miami, FL, USA; Brooklyn Nets head coach Jason Kidd (left) listens as assistant coach Lawrence Frank (center) talks with point guard Shaun Livingston (right) during a timeout in a game against the Miami Heat at American Airlines Arena. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Report: The Nets’ front office has Jason Kidd’s back

Sometimes people are just wrong. In this case, the Brooklyn Nets. Possibly.

First, let’s state the facts.

Have the Nets been hampered by injuries? Yes.

Have the Nets been playing with any type of cohesion? No.

Is Jason Kidd a good coach? Nope, according to reports.

Then, why is the Nets’ front office still “backing” Jason Kidd? I’m not really sure.

If we remember, last season the Nets’ fired Avery Johnson after just 28 games. The Nets were 14-14 at that point. I highly doubt Brooklyn will be 14-14 after 28 games this year. They’ll be much worse. So why are the Nets still backing Kidd again?

Kidd is a rookie head coach that was playing in the League last season. Why can’t they just admit that they made a wrong choice? I’ll admit that I made a wrong choice in picking Kidd as my NBA Coach of the Year (see, that was easy).

But, for some reason, at 3-10, the Nets are still sticking with their man.


But sources told ESPN.com that Kidd continues to have the backing of his bosses with Brooklyn dealing with several injuries and other mitigating factors which have contributed to the poor start….

Among the Nets’ initial concerns early in the season, sources confirmed, were some “philosophical differences” between Kidd and lead assistant Lawrence Frank. But sources stressed to ESPN.com that the Nets have been working to smooth out any issues in recent days.

“They’re fine,” one source said of Kidd and Frank.


Fine? Like fine dinning? Or fine like I don’t know what other word to use to hide the issue from the media?

It’s obvious that Kidd and Frank are on totally different pages right now, and this report only clarifies it. The only question that needs to be answered on that front is who is the one to go (because that’s how things get settled in the NBA) – if this can’t get resolved fast?

Yes, it’s early and the Nets could very well go on to with the putrid Atlantic Division, but it’s not healthy when the two most important people on your coaching staff can’t get on the same page.

Maybe that’s why the Nets have been struggling, not because of chemistry or the injuries? It could very well be that the coaching staff has no clue on what they want to be or who they want to be. Figures.

#TeamKidd or #TeamFrank, who ya got?

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