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Los Angeles Lakers: Did Pau Gasol cross the line with his comments?

I’m usually all for criticizing coaches, when they deserve it. Sometimes Mike D’Antoni is one of those coaches, but should a player ever publicly criticize their head coach? That’s the question.

It’s usually a bad look and it’s rarely a look that is associated with one Pau Gasol — which is more of a reason why we should be watching this situation more carefully.

It all started when Gasol told Bill Plaschke of the LA Times that he, basically, wasn’t enjoying playing in D’Antoni’s offense.

[LA Times]

“The fact that I’m not getting the ball in the post affects directly my aggressiveness,” he said. “When I’m not getting the ball where I want to, where I’m most effective, where I can bang guys and utilize my skill, that affects my aggressiveness and overall intensity….

“This year hasn’t been ideal, certain things are not ideal for me, but that’s not going to change any time soon,” he said.

D’Antoni then had this to say about Gasol’s remarks:

“I can’t lie to him… Our numbers tell us the worst thing we do is post up,” he said.

Which is basically right. According to the guys at PBT, when the Los Angeles Lakers have thrown the ball in the post this season, they have shot just 34.6 percent on their shot attempts, scoring a paltry 0.67 points per possession.

Then came the remarks by Gasol — which I think are the most controversial.

“I don’t pay attention. Mike is sometimes all over the place, I don’t give much credit to things like that,” he said.

Did he cross the line with them? Yes, probably. I think.

I don’t like when a player publicly criticizes their head coach, I’m sure most don’t. It sounds to me like there may be a deeper problem between Gasol and D’Antoni and, if so, going through the media isn’t the way to go about it.

Maybe Gasol is trying to work a trade? I wouldn’t be surprised. He’s good as gone after the season, anyways.


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