Feb. 10, 2013; New York, NY, USA; New York Knicks small forward Carmelo Anthony (7) looks to pass around Los Angeles Clippers small forward Grant Hill (33) during the second half at Madison Square Garden. Clippers won 102-88. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Report: Carmelo Anthony to Clippers in 2014...or before?

Carmelo Anthony may very well be on his way to Los Angeles, but it may not be to sign with the team that we’re all thinking of.

According to Hoopsworld’s Steve Kyler, the Los Angeles Clippers — not the Lakers — are going to be the Knicks’ biggest threat to keeping Carmelo Anthony come next summer.


As one insider said last night after the game, the idea of Anthony leaving the Knicks isn’t talked about in the abstract around the team. It’s talked about as though it’s going to happen.

While free agency is a long way away and there is lots of basketball left to be played, the team that most fans and media peg as Anthony’s likely destination is the LA Lakers, however insiders around the Knicks and Carmelo peg the LA Clippers as more likely to land Anthony if he leaves the Knicks.

And with the way the Knicks have performed thus far this season, his departure is seen as “when” and not “if” at this point. But the question was still — where to? But with this latest report, it could all just make sense now. The Clippers have a “nice” roster, but does anyone really project them as a real threat in the Western Conference? Probably not.

That could all be because those same people that don’t view them as viable contenders, also don’t view Blake Griffin as a true second option to Chris Paul. Yes, don’t get me wrong, Griffin is an up-and-coming player in this league, but he isn’t what Melo is at this point in his career — a superstar.

With that said, there’s still the financial part of things — and the Clippers are not in a good spot.

The Clippers already have over $71 million in guaranteed salary on the books for next season.

Translation: Melo would have to get traded to the Clippers for it to have a chance at working.

While the Knicks have already gone on record saying that they’re not going to trade Melo, I think it’s definitely time to start entertaining the idea, if nothing else. However, if the Knicks are going to stick with that stubborn mindset, it’s going to make things that much more difficult for this “report” to come into fruition.

Not saying it won’t, because, as we all know, we’ve seen weirder things go down at the trade deadline.

Food for thought. Rumors are going to be swirling all over Melo, especially with this putrid start to the Knicks season. Buckle up and enjoy.

Grain of salt, people. Grain of salt.


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