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New York Knicks: J.R. Smith benched...again


Water is wet.

J.R. Smith is clueless. And was benched.


However, according to him, he doesn’t know why he was this time. In his opinion, if it’s still about the whole shoelace incident (if that’s what we’re calling it now), he thinks is absolutely “ridiculous”.


“For [the sneakers] to be the trigger point and for all this to happen is ridiculous,” Smith said, according to published reports.

In case you’ve been living in a cave for the past couple of weeks, here’s a 14-word recap:






Now that you’re caught up…

It’s pretty odd that New York Knicks coach Mike Woodson would bench Smith, then play him for two games and then bench him again. It sounds like there’s something more to this story — something that happened after Monday night’s game or during.

Smith said on Tuesday he didn’t know that he was going to be benched before the game and did not hear from Woodson about any punishment.

“I hadn’t the slightest clue,” Smith said, according to published reports. “I’m just worried about getting better. If I don’t play, I go to the weight room or the court to get shots up.”

He added: “I’ll figure out what I can do better to help this team and go from there. If I can’t help the team, [there’s] no point in me being here.”

Smith also hinted that he was tired of talking about the subject and wanted to show his worth on the court.

“You got to take the punches as they come. Communication from my end is over. I’m going to show by my effort.”

It should also be noted that today is the first official day in which Smith could be traded according to the NBA CBA. Maybe that could be a reason, but that seems far-fetched because, after all, who would want to trade for Smith – considering all his baggage + his three-year, $18 million contract in which he’s in his first year of.

A report surfaced this week that the Knicks are eagerly trying to find a trade partner for Smith, but it’s highly unlikely for them to find one. At some point the Knicks are just going to be paying Smith to stay home, right?

Like, this is where this is heading…


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