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Los Angeles Lakers: Help is on the way...in 2015

For the most part, Los Angeles Lakers fans always feel that they should get what they want. Their big name free agents rarely leave (apart from Dwight Howard, but they really didn’t want him, right) and they usually attract your favorite team’s free agents. Again, when they want.

And for a long while, they didn’t “want” or need any of those big free agent names. They didn’t need LeBron James, they didn’t need Dwyane Wade and they didn’t need Chris Bosh. But now, all that has changed. Howard left them high-and-dry and now, with Kobe Bryant on the decline, they want free agents again. They need a new face.

Kevin Love may in fact be just that.

An anonymous general manager reportedly told ESPN insider Chris Broussard that All-Star forward Kevin Love coming to the Lakers as a free agent in 2015 is “a 100 percent certainty.”

Of course, if the Lakers want him. Word around the league is that they do, and probably because they need him.

However, if LA plays its chips right, it can get a whole lot better than just Love.


If Love is a target for the Lakers in 2015, they would probably pass on signing a max player to a long-term deal this offseason with the hopes of getting Love and making a push for one other marquee free agent with the cap room they will have. Players like Rajon Rondo, Arron Afflalo, LaMarcus Aldridge, Tony Parker, Roy Hibbert and Tyson Chandler are all eligible to be free agents in 2015.

Two big free agents in 2015 feels and looks like a forgone conclusion (assuming they handle the cap situation right until then) for the Lakers. However, they are going to have to endure at least one more bad (ugly) season.

Can the Lakers management and, more importantly, the fans handle that, though? Patience will pay in dividends for the Lakers, but that panic move is going to look awfully attractive until then.

Patience, Lakers fans. It appears help may be on the way — in whichever form you want. In 2015.


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