Feb 7, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indiana Pacers center Andrew Bynum watches from the in dress clothes during a game against the Portland Trail Blazers at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Indiana defeats Portland 118-113 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Indiana Pacers: Andrew Bynum is fat and Lazy


To say that Andrew Bynum is getting his tenure with the Indiana Pacers off on the wrong foot would, technically, be false. I would say that he hasn’t gotten on to any of his feet, because, well, he hasn’t.

The last time Bynum was on an NBA court, playing meaningful basketball, was on Dec. 26 for the Cleveland Cavaliers. And we’re throwing the phrase “meaningful” around lightly.

But since then, we can assume that he’s been working out and getting himself ready for the stretch run of the season and possibly for a key role on a contending team, right? That’s what he should’ve been doing ever since he knew he was going to get cut, or traded…right? I mean, that the only sensible thing to do.


So what did Bynum do to “stay in elite NBA shape”? Well, he “ate correctly”…

So in summary, all you have to do to be in elite NBA shape, kids, is to “just eat correctly”.

Okay, not exactly, but this is pretty funny. The fact that Bynum doesn’t feel he has to, or doesn’t want to, work out when he knows he’s going to get picked up, if at all, by a contending team should be alarming. I mean, what was going through his mind??

Yahoo reported earlier this season that Bynum simply “doesn’t want to play anymore”, and with the latest news, that’s becoming harder and harder to argue.

But hey! At least he’s eating a salad every now and again.




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  • metalhead65

    I was skeptical about the Pacers signing him but let’s wait and see what happens before we judge it. I like to think Bird knows what he is doing and they will not need him right away. let’s see where he is next month and how he is fitting in as well as his conditioning. the Pacers will not put up with any of his nonsense he did in his previous stops so as long as he commits to getting in shape it will end up being a good signing for them. unless Hibbert gets hurt or in foul trouble early they only need 10- 15 min. a game out of him so he will not have any pressure. plus he will want to be at his best so he can try and sucker another team into giving him a fat paycheck which the Pacers won’t. you do not have to enjoy what you do when you are 7 foot tall just look good enough and somebody will over pay you. money is still money no matter how much you already have if they are willing to pay, you will take it.

  • Ronald A Mitchell

    Pro player fat and lazy? Wow I always thought only the most elite athletes made the NBA. After 50 years of watching some of the greatest athletes I learn something new!