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Lakers' Mike D'Antoni to Pau Gasol: 'Keep it in-house'


Tuesday night, the Los Angeles Lakers were blown out by the Indiana Pacers — something that they’ve had to endure a whole lot of this season. Also, something that Pau Gasol isn’t a fan of.

After that loss, Gasol voiced his opinion. An opinion that could’ve easily been taken as a shot at Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni.

“Probably. That’s part of it,” Gasol said to the Los Angeles Times. “But that’s why you have to be disciplined and implement discipline. That’s how you kind of make that better or make that not a factor. I don’t think there’s a lot of discipline right now.”

It wasn’t received well. At all. At least not by D’Antoni.

Before the Lakers played the Memphis Grizzlies on Wednesday night — which happened to be another loss — D’Antoni shared his disapproval of Gasol’s comments with reporters.

“The thing I just don’t appreciate … You just keep it in-house,” D’Antoni said before the Lakers played the Memphis Grizzlies. “It’s very easy just to come over and talk about your frustrations. We’ll try to work something out. We’ll figure something out.

“But to go to (the media) and to do it in the papers, that’s disturbing. I just don’t think that’s the way to go and people should understand that we’re all trying to solve the same problem, so let’s just put our heads together and do the best we can.”

It’s just been a very rough season for Gasol, the Lakers and D’Antoni — and that’s putting it nicely.

That Lakers are 19-39 and are really playing for nothing at this point, other than a better lottery shot. Gasol is probably the guy that is feeling the effects of a horrible season the most. Gasol was dragged through trade rumors (again), to only see all the “proposed talks” fall through. He’s basically stuck on a really, really bad Lakers squad that resembles nothing that Gasol wants to be a part of.

On top of Gasol’s own personal struggles, his biggest supporter Kobe Bryant has practically missed the whole season, and isn’t anywhere close to returning.

The future of the Lakers, and Gasol, is very much in the air. One thing that we do know for sure, though, is neither of the two will have anything to do with each other next season.

It’s time for a chance and you can hear that in both D’Antoni’s and Gasol’s comments.


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