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NBA Rumors: New York Knicks ready to deal Amar'e Stoudemire

It’s safe to say that the New York Knicks rolled the dice on Amar’e Stoudemire’s knees and lost big time.

Back in 2010, they signed Stoudemire to a that max contract that no one else in the NBA was going to throw at him. Because, Knicks.

Still, it wasn’t that bad of an idea at the time. The Knicks plan was to get Amar’e on board and let him do his magic to attract another big fish. It didn’t work then. And hasn’t worked since.

If you say that he is the one that attracted Carmelo Anthony to New York, you’re wrong. New York attracted Anthony. And even then, I don’t think there was ever a time in which an Anthony-Stoudemire combination worked.

And because the Knicks are usually doing the right moves, just a few years behind, they’re officially going to make Stoudemire open for a trade come this summer.

Again, a move that should’ve happened the moment the Knicks realized that Stoudemire and Anthony weren’t the two best building block pieces for a franchise. In other words, the moment the Knicks traded for Anthony. However, the Knicks won’t be trading Amar’e to a team in search of an expiring contract. Instead, they’ll “try” to trade him to a team that hasn’t used its amnesty clause yet.


[Boston Globe]

The Knicks have limited options to improve this summer but a move they are expected to make is offering the expiring contract of Amar’e Stoudemire to a team that has not already used its amnesty clause. That team in turn could trade the Knicks the long-term, unwanted contract of an impact player, such as the Pelicans’ Eric Gordon.

But the reasoning of this trade by the Knicks doesn’t necessarily makes sense. Because, Knicks.


The Knicks would have no problem taking on Gordon’s deal, which is another that’s scheduled to pay out more than the expected level of production is worth. But the Pelicans (or any other team that trades for Stoudemire) wouldn’t be incentivized to make this trade by having the ability to then amnesty Stoudemire.

Teams can’t amnesty Stoudemire if they trade for him. So, unless the Knicks are dealing with a complete idiot of a GM, and since the Knicks can’t trade with themselves, there’s really no way another other team would take on Stoudemire. Certainly not the way the Knicks are thinking.

I mean, sure, the Knicks may find a team that will be looking for an expiring contract (which Stoudemire’s will be next season), but there’s no team that can trade for Stoudemire and then hope to amnesty him. It can’t work. The amnesty provision only applies to players who have been on the team as of July 2011.

So yes, in summary, the Knicks will be looking to trade Stoudemire next season, possibly even this summer, but it’ll be for something that they (reportedly) haven’t realized yet. Again, the Knicks are always behind the curve.




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