Feb 11, 2014; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Lakers guard Steve Nash (10) dribbles the ball around Utah Jazz guard Trey Burke (3) at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Lakers' Steve Nash wants to play next season

There’s always that point in the night when your buddy has to tell you that you’ve had one too many and that it’s time to go home.

I think we’re beginning to reach that point when it comes to Los Angeles Lakers guard Steve Nash. But not because of anything bad, it’s just that at a certain point you just have to chalk it up to injuries. And I believe, and most would agree with me, that Nash needs to hang it up.

Nash has played 10 games this season. 10, and is probably going to miss the rest of the season.

When asked if Nash would play again this season, Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni said he doubts it. That says all you need to know about what D’Antoni thinks of Nash’s health and how the Lakers feel about Nash going forward.

“Listen, man. You’ve had one too many. It’s time you go home. I called you a taxi, it’s out front waiting for you.”

Nash is refusing to use that taxi to ride into the sunset. Instead, he wants to drag this out one more season. I mean, if you were owed nearly 10 million, wouldn’t you do that too?

[LA Times]

There was a gust of certainty Monday, a rarity in one of the most uneasy seasons in Lakers history.

Steve Nash clearly wants to return next season.

“I want to come back for sure,” he said Monday.

And if he does decide to in fact return next season, there’s a good chance that it won’t be with the Lakers. As Mike Bresnaham points out in his article to the LA Times, Nash is scheduled to learn $9.7 million next season as a part of his three-year, $28 million contract he signed to come to the Lakers. However, LA has the opportunity to use their “stretch provision” and waive him.

The Lakers have until Sept. 1 to determine whether they want to waive Nash via the “stretch provision,” in which his salary is spread out over the next three years. Or they can bring him back for one more season and try to play him while paying him.

Nash is now 40 years old, and if he returns next season it shouldn’t be with the Lakers. LA is trying to rebuild and it would be unfortunate if he has to continue to force his old self on them. The Lakers only need one old guy who thinks he can still play, and that role is designated for Kobe Bryant.




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  • hookedonnews

    Here’s the problem with your article. MDA said that Nash will probably not play again this season (although he didn’t rule it out) because he wants an opportunity to work with the younger guys, and Nash isn’t 100% right now. Chances are that if Nash had not been hit on the leg where the break occurred he would still be playing, but the season is over for all intents and purposes so they want to evaluate players. Mitch Kupchak said the decision about whether he’ll be back next season belongs to Steve Nash. Nash has made it clear he intends to play. He’s proven he still has the skills (Philly game). The only question is sustaining his health. Not everyone wants Nash to retire. There’s no reason for him to do that if he wants to play. The Lakers aren’t going to make any major moves until next year, and they need more than 2 PGs. If they waived him his salary would still be on the books for 3 years. They don’t want that. And there is no chance he’ll play for another team because he’s already said that if the Lakers released him his career would be over because he doesn’t want to move his kids again. So get off his case. He deserves more respect than he’s getting, and there are plenty of people who hope he can finish his career in LA on a high note.