Mar 2, 2014; Chicago, IL, USA; New York Knicks small forward Carmelo Anthony (7) reacts after missing a shot against the Chicago Bulls during the second half at the United Center. Chicago defeats New York 109-90. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

New York Knicks need to let Carmelo Anthony walk


The biggest selling point in trying to keep Carmelo Anthony around in a New York Knicks uniform has long been surrounded by the free agency period of 2015.

Unfortunately, for the Knicks, it may not be enough.

Fortunately, for the Knicks, it may not be enough.

According to the New York Daily News, Anthony isn’t weighing too much stock in 2015. He’s going to opt-out after this season and will make his decision (on where to sign next) based on what has happened with the Knicks organization up till now, and not on what could potentially happen.


The risk would be re-signing Anthony to a max contract under the assumption that another big-name free agent joins the following summer. That is the Knicks’ plan at the moment, and they need to abandon it as quickly as the front office has turned its back on Mike Woodson. Yes, that fast.

The matter of the fact is that Anthony can’t do it alone. He’s not Kevin Durant, nor LeBron James. That’s also something the Knicks so often fail to realize.

Anthony is an elite scorer but he’s not an all-around player in the mold of Kevin Durant and certainly not LeBron James. Or do you really believe the Knicks would have 21 wins if either of those MVP candidates had replaced Melo to start the season. As talented as Anthony is, the Knicks are 21-40 in a dreadful Eastern Conference. They’ve also lost seven straight. James and Durant can stop two-game losing streaks by themselves.

And while it’s true that Anthony would benefit from a much better supporting cast – perhaps the supporting casts that the Heat and Thunder have around Durant and James – it still isn’t a given that he can carry a team. He hasn’t done it before and there’s nothing to suggest that he can do it now.

Before the Knicks make another mistake, they need to realize what the rest of the basketball world has already realized: Carmelo Anthony isn’t a centerpiece of a franchise anymore. You could probably argue that he never was.

As Frank Isola wrote in the NYDN, it’s time for the Knicks to get a makeover. And the first step in that is letting Anthony walk.

If New York avoids throwing another max contract at Anthony, there’s a real possibility that the Knicks will have a couple things in 2015 that they haven’t had in a while – cap room and a first round pick.

Imagine that.


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