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NBA Rumors: Los Angeles Lakers optimistic about Kobe Bryant's return?

Maybe this Los Angeles Lakers era has one more chapter left to be written.

Maybe not.

What is clear, though, is that the Lakers seem to be more optimistic than most non-Lakers fans are regarding Kobe Bryant’s impending return.

Kobe Bryant was ruled out for the remainder of this season last week due to his fracture in his left knee that is still healing. However, he’s coming people. He’s coming.

“He feels very confident that he’s going to be back at the best level that he’s ever been,” said Gasol. “So, you got to go with what he says.”

“I think he’ll bounce back,” D’Antoni said. “He’s 35 years old, he’s not old old. So, it’s a challenge for him, but there’s no reason that he won’t be back at a level that is really, really good in this league.

“He’ll find a way to be one of the best in the league.”

I think, due to the fact that Kobe has missed nearly an entire season, that we’ve almost forgotten how good Kobe can be. I mean, during his last full season, he averaged 27.3 points per game. That’s still pretty good, really good. Yes, he’ll have to adjust to not being as quick and fast, but I don’t think he’ll drop from 27 points per game to a scrub. That generally doesn’t happen.

With that said, he’s going to have to prove it. This is a “what have you done for me lately” generation, and frankly Kobe hasn’t done anything but talk lately. Even when he did return this season, he didn’t look like himself. Albeit, it was for only six games, but it was anything but impressive.

Still, just like anyone else, the Lakers players and front office personal are probably going to give Kobe the benefit of the doubt. After all, it’s the Black Mamba we’re talking about.



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