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NBA Rumors: Kobe Bryant doesn't know if Mike D'Antoni will return next season

There are many things that aren’t certain about the Los Angeles Lakers’ immediate future. There’s the uncertainty of Kobe Bryant, the question as to who will actually be on the roster next season and who will be coaching said roster next season.

The first two probably won’t be answered for a while, the latter, however, could be settled in let’s say…15 games?

But if you press Kobe about the issue, as Dan Patrick did yesterday, you’ll get as honest of an answer as you could ever want.

DP: Has Mike D’Antoni earned another year?

KB: I don’t know. It’s been tough the two years he’s been here. He’s been dealing with so many injuries left and right. He hasn’t really gotten a fair deal…since he’s been here.

Technically, he’s right. He hasn’t really had a steady roster during his stint in LA, however, I don’t think that really matters anymore. D’Antoni was brought in when Dwight Howard, Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant were the cornerstone of the roster. You could argue that neither will be that next season — assuming the Lakers get a top pick in the upcoming draft.

Still, I think D’Antoni deserves at least consideration to keep the job for at least another year, if that. With all that said, if the Lakers are set on turning the chapter, we’ll probably see a change at the helm once the final 15 games of the season are completed.

Kobe may not know now, but I’m pretty sure he has a good indication of what’s about to happen. And you can tell with the way he was talking about the organization as a whole in the interview. Change is coming — whether it translates to success or failure.



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