Jan 21, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bulls power forward Carlos Boozer (5) is defended by Los Angeles Lakers power forward Pau Gasol (16) during the second half at the United Center. The Bulls beat the Lakers 95-83. Mandatory Credit: Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Rumors: Los Angeles Lakers To Target Carlos Boozer?

With Pau Gasol almost certainly parting ways with the Los Angeles Lakers this offseason, it’s likely that the Lakers could replace one scrutinized power forward with another.

ESPN’s Marc Stein was asked if the Bulls will finally amnesty Carlos Boozer this offseason (in hopes of signing Carmelo Anthony this summer), he responded by giving his two cents on the issue and then posing the question of how likely it’d be for the Lakers to put in a waiver claim for Boozer, who shares the same agent (Rob Pelinka) as Kobe Bryant.


Sources briefed on Chicago’s thinking say the Bulls are going to do everything they can to try to find a trading partner for Boozer before seriously considering the amnesty option.

Bear in mind that Chicago essentially has until July 15 to craft a deal that finds a new home for Boozer after a season in which he lost much of his fourth-quarter run to Taj Gibson. The NBA’s amnesty window this summer runs through July 10-16.

(One bonus question we’ll sneak in just in case Boozer does get amnestied: What are the odds his agent, Rob Pelinka, who also reps Kobe Bryant, urges the Lakers to put in a waiver claim for the former All-Star?)

Boozer is a still a serviceable forward in this league, he was just in a bad situation in Chicago. The Bulls asked him to be a second scoring option next to Derrick Rose and that’s just not his strong suit at this point in his career.

If the Lakers can add Boozer in hopes of bringing him in as a supporting player for Kobe and (insert star player here), it could work.

Though, I’m not sure if the Lakers would be willing to pay Boozer all that much. It’ll be a wait-and-see approach, as the Lakers are applying to most offseason decisions at this point.


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  • Anthony E Hinton

    Don’t know how it will be worked out, but next season, Boozer will be a Laker and Gasol will be a Bull.

    • Leroy Boyd

      only if the Bulls dont sign Melo. I dont think the Bulls have the cap space for both. Plus I think the Bulls are set with Gibson and need scoring that Melo or another wing player can provide.

      • Anthony E Hinton

        Remember we’re talking about the profits as well as making the team better. Management needs to please share holders first, so the route that costs less and still improves the team is the way they’ll go. With Boozer gone, Gasol will fill the rotation because all three guys (Noah, Gibson, and Gasol) can play the 4 or the 5. If a trade is done, the Bulls picked up enough pieces this month to make the Lakers a better team. Throw Dunleavy and Hinrich into the mix for Nick Young and both teams fill many of their needs. And remember, Chicago still has 2 first round draft picks and Gasol is unrestricted. That means the Lakers can get better fast by making one deal with the Bulls. Chicago signed all of those guys to do something big, but Anthony is too big because it would cost players like Gibson, Dunleavy, and 1 more big player, which would leave too many holes to fill, but Gasol comes cheaper and gives the organization more options.

        • Leroy Boyd

          You are tripping none of what you suggested will ever take place.

          • Anthony E Hinton

            I’m just looking at the history of the way management does business and they have a history of putting together a product good enough to compete, close enough to win, but always at least one ingredient short of being a championship team. What I posted will happen before they sign Melo; but let’s hope I’m 100% wrong and Melo gets signed!

          • Leroy Boyd

            Who’s history are you talking about? Not the Bulls so apparently you are a Laker fan to even suggest that shareholders impact basketball player movements. It might be done that way in LA but not in Chicago. Bulls are not giving up Taj when they can sign Melo out right as free agent when by all media reports that amnestying Boozer and and renouncing Dunleavy would clear enough space to give Melo not a max contract but close to 20 mil a year.

            Furthermore Bulls dont need Gasol we have Taj and the best player in Europe who is also a power forward Mirotic so I dont think Gssol to the Bulls will happen. Secondly if tge Lakers are willing to trade us Nick Young for Dunleavy and Hinrich mam please the Bulls would jump on that in a chicago second.

            Before they sign Melo Boozer will be gone Hinrich will be a free agent and Dunleavy will either be included in something to make the money right for Melo.

            But I know you know this Melo deal is all on Melo b e had indicated that he will take less to win. So the Bulls and the Knicks and what other team that are in the picture Melo is the final decider.

            As you know many NBA big shots and fans see the Bulls as the perfect spot for him and since we know he has a high basketball I.Q. he had to know that as well its in him all the way

          • Anthony E Hinton

            I see Rose, Anthony, and Noah as a force for at least five years. Melo is the perfect fit, but I’ve learned over the years that management always ends up with option “B.” They plan to trade Boozer because Reinsdorf is too smart to pay Boozer 16 million to play for another team. They’ll trade him for matching and expiring contracts and put a package together for a super star (hopefully Melo). They collected a lot of serviceable pieces on the bench to help a team rebuild. I just hope Chicago has enough to support whatever starting five they have next year. It is rare for a super star to put the Bulls on top of their wish list. Maybe this time it will be different!

          • Leroy Boyd

            Very well stated but management is not the heel in this Melo move its all on Melo everybody fans, NBA management players former players and media people all know and realize that Melo to the Bulls would give him best chance to win now and maybe win several times.

            To think the Bulls wont give their best effort to sign Melo is out the box. As for Mr. Reinsdorf having to pay Boozer to play for another team I doubt very seriously if Mr. Reinsdorf would hold up acquiring Melo to just say I dont want to pay Boozer. If you think Donald Sterling is having issues in LA if Reinsdorf used that analogy to allow Melo not to come to Chicago he would have to sell the Bulls.

            Sure Reinsdorf is considered tight and won’t go over the cap but he has said several times for a team that can win money and cap wont be sn issue.

            I dont know if they can trade Boozer I don’t know who is willing to take on a 16 mil salary. Even though its expiring what team will give up any players for Boozer?

            Those 2 first round picks could come into play more than Boozer I feel like most Bull fans Boozer is gone one wsy or another. I was shocked in the 4th quarter when Gibson got hurt Boozer entered the game and was booed. Furthermore it is being reported that his girl friend was involved in a fight in the stands with another eoman booing Booz. So the Booz time in Chicago is over.

          • Anthony E Hinton

            That’s funny, I saw that fight on the internet, but didn’t know that was his girl friend because she had some pretty good defense. But seriously, there are lots of teams that can use Boozer and be better with him on their team. Get 2 or 3 more teams involved, or even the Knicks because if they lose Melo, Boozer could help in some areas. It might also help the Knicks make deals with other teams with the Bulls involved. The Bulls are loaded with trade bate for a reason, so all we can do is wait and see.


    LOL. If the Lakers want Boozer they’re really desperate but that addition won’t get you past OKC, SAS, LAC, GSW, HOU, POR, MEM, DAL.