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2014 NBA Draft Lottery: Diary of a 76ers Fan

An NBA Draft Lottery diary from a Philadelphia Sixers fan

The Philadelphia 76ers are among 14 teams aiming for a chance for a player that could potentially change their team’s dynamic. Maybe not 14…maybe 7. Anyway, I, Dante Nelson, will give off some thoughts from a Sixers fan.

Why don’t we get started with my first entry. As I write, it’s 2:27 pm. Is it weird that I just finished watching Eddie? A basketball themed movie that had a key moment with the Charlotte Hornets, and then we find out that the Charlotte Hornets are back in real life. Not to mention the whole storyline with the owner who ends up being the bad guy and the fans, coaches, and players band together through it. It gave me loose links with the Donald Sterling stuff. Maybe it’s just me; but the movie was just shown in good timing.

5:09 pm. It’s almost time. Okay, not almost. Still a couple of hours away. I’ve been spending my time reading articles about the lottery and stuff. Read a couple of posts talking about how the system needs to be changed to discourage tanking. I read one hilarious post from Pro Basketball Talk on how the lottery is 100% fixed. It’s been stressful and exciting at the same time and at different times. Losing 26 games in a row just to not pick in the top three is mega fail.

7:46 pm. I’m feeling sick. Really sick. I just…I can’t even begin to think about all of the possibilities of what could happen tonight. But I’m excited or something. I don’t know. What I do know is that if the Sixers end up out of the top three, I’m gonna scream. I might quit.

8 pm. Program starts. My chest hurts and my hands are sweaty. Let me tell you something: I feel SICK.

8:21 pm. YEAH BABY. Sixers get the 10th pick from the Pelicans and it’s a commercial now. We’re in the top three. I’m shaking with excitement. Sorry for mistakes. I just…WOOOOOOOOOOO. I’m on a rush.

8:26 pm. Well, the Sixers ended up with the 3rd pick. That’s perfect with me. 10th and 3rd. It could’ve been a lot worse. They were projected for 2nd, so dropping down one spot ain’t gonna kill it. Plus, any of the projected top three guys in the class would be useful, although I would prefer Wiggins or Parker.

And so, the Cavs get the top pick…again…and these picks haven’t worked out too much. The Bucks go 2nd, and they really had injury problems so they weren’t bad. If they get the right guy, and if they stay healthy, I think the Bucks could make a playoff push. I’m serious. The East is bad.

Well, thanks for joining me. I’m tellin’ ya, this was a stressful night. But, I’m okay. And if your team was in the lottery, I hope you can breathe as well. And now we get through the playoffs and then…June 26th.



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