2014 NBA Draft: Grades, Notes and Analysis

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NBA Draft

Thursday night was the 2014 NBA Draft. There were plenty of low-lights and highlights throughout the night.

Let’s dive straight into it with a grade on every team.

Atlanta Hawks - B
Brooklyn Nets - B-
Boston Celtics - B
Charlotte Hornets - A
Chicago Bulls - C
Cleveland Cavaliers - A
Dallas Mavericks - N/A
Denver Nuggets - A+
Detroit Pistons - B-

Golden State Warriors – N/A

Houston Rockets – B-
Indiana Pacers – N/A
Los Angeles Clippers - B
Los Angeles Lakers - B+
Memphis Grizzlies - C-
Miami Heat - A-
Milwaukee Bucks - A
Minnesota Timberwolves - B
New Orleans Pelicans - C
New York Knicks – B
Oklahoma City Thunder - B
Orlando Magic - B+
Philadelphia 76ers – A
Phoenix Suns - A-
Portland Trail Blazers – N/A
Sacramento Kings - C+
San Antonio Spurs
Toronto Raptors - D+
Utah Jazz - A+
Washington Wizards - C+

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  • Michael Saenz

    The Toronto Raptors basically drafted someone no one wanted at No. 20. Could’ve had him at 60. Makes absolutely no sense. The fact that he’s 4-5 years away from coming to the NBA makes their decision even worse.

    • Guy

      Given it’s been reported there were a couple other teams looking to take him late 1st round, you’re assertion he could have been picked at 60 is incorrect. And since Ujiri has said from day one he’s going to make decisions based on the long term future of the team, this pick makes a lot of sense. But please, don’t let that stop you from whining.