Kyrie Irving cools the fans of Cleveland, signs 5-year extension

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Cleveland fans couldn’t let another one go away. That’s why they stormed the court, three times in one season, to express their possible heartbreak over losing another top star. It was indicitive of the passion of the fans and the dysfunction of the club.

Couple that with the bust of Anthony Bennett and the slow development of other players on the team, the recipe had been written before for the Cavs superstar savior to walk after a bad team is given to him.

But this time it worked out. After another Draft Lottery miracle (which, seriously, enough you guys) the Cavs walked away with the top prospect in Andrew Wiggins and now Kyrie Irving signed a 5-year $90 million dollar extension.

The contention will still be a couple years away, Cavaliers frontcourt could use a lot of help, it’s hard to tell where Anthony Bennett’s ceiling is (and everyone is hoping he has a better year) and who knows what other pieces they will attempt to lure with their young core and their new head coach in David Blatt.

Although the pieces were aligned to make headlines by basketball play either way with Wiggins and Blatt, it would have felt less if Irving did not re-sign. It would have been square one again, for the third time since 2003. Rebuilding three times in 11 years is not a goal for any organization, but stuff happens, draftees turn busts, superstars leave and owner’s alienate people with comic sans letters.

Let’s hope this calms down the Mistake By The Lake crowd, at least for a little bit.

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