Nov 18, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose (1) drives with the ball during the second quarter against the Charlotte Bobcats at the United Center. Mandatory Credit: Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Derrick Rose: If Melo Chose Bulls 'Game Would Be Easy'

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I guess Carmelo Anthony likes the hard way — the really, really hard way.

The Chicago Bulls did everything in their arsenal to ink the perennial All-Star away from the New York Knicks — yes, Derrick Rose, they even recruited a bit.

Though, in the end it still wasn’t enough. Melo still chased the bigger payday on his way back to New York.

But in a hypothetical, alternate universe, if Melo had chosen the Chicago Bulls they would’ve been unstoppable. Apparently.

In the exact words of Rose, the “game would be easy.”

[via the New York Post]

“If he was to come, the game would be easy,” Rose told reporters in Las Vegas. “I don’t know how easy but, of course, it would be easy. And that we wanted him. Just plain and simple, we wanted him to come. He decided to go somewhere else. But it’s no hard feelings. I can’t get mad at the decision he made. He’s a grown man.’’

“If you put yourself in that decision, that’s a hard decision,” he said. “You got your family to think about. You got money to think about. Not to say you should think about money. But when you’re talking about millions and millions of dollars, you can’t just put that behind you.

“So I’m not mad with the decision that he made, and I wish him nothing but the best.’’

Melo doesn’t like the easy road. Kudos to him.

It’s either that, or he’s insanely loyal to the Knicks. Phil Jackson must have sold Melo on one hell of a vision over the next few years. Maybe Rose should’ve done a bit more recruiting, huh?

Along the lines of a hypothetical NBA, I would’ve loved to seen a LeBron-led Cavs team vs a Melo-led Bulls squad playoff series. Thanks, Melo.


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