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NBA Rumors: Amar'e To Philly + A Bledsoe Resolution?

NBA Rumors

Amar’e Stoudemire is an unwanted man. The New York Knicks shopped the former all-star power forward, and no one even tested those injury-infested waters.

However, could a team such as the Philadelphia 76ers take a chance on him, and his expiring contract?

Larry Coon, of Basketball Insiders, says it could be a possibility.

[via Basketball Insiders -- NBA Chat With Larry Coon]

It’s definitely a possibility. Teams must spend at least 90% of the salary cap. Those that don’t are surcharged, but teams generally make up any deficit by trading for players to get above the 90% threshold. Philly could trade for a player like Stoudemire to add additional salary to their books, and he likely wouldn’t significantly affect their draft position in 2015.

Stoudemire is due a little over $23.4 million next season from the Knicks.


Phoenix Suns restricted free agent Eric Bledsoe wants to get paid, a lot, and the Suns simply don’t want to pay him.

They’ve hit a stalemate. Neither side has blinked, and both are in the same position as they were two months ago. Unfortunately, those positions are nowhere near close to one another.

However, Larry Coon, of Basketball Insiders, believes that the situation should/could be resolved fairly quickly.

[via Basketball Insiders -- NBA Chat With Larry Coon]

It’s not an uncommon situation for restricted free agency. Player thinks he’s worth a certain amount. Other teams may not want to sign the player because they have to overpay him to get him. The result is a stalemate. If Bledsoe and the Suns or another team can come to a consensus on his value, it should be resolved pretty quickly — either through a sign-and-trade or by the Suns signing him directly. But right now that consensus doesn’t seem to exist. The Suns are betting that Bledsoe’s asking price will come down over time.

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