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NBA Rumors: Bledsoe, Monroe Not Max Players?

NBA Rumors

Eric Bledsoe and Greg Monroe have not been hesitant on their stance this offseason — both want max contracts.

And while both, restricted free agents, continue to wait out the moment until they either sign their respected qualifying offers or until their incumbent teams give in and accommodate their needs (via a sign and trade, or through max offers), the end of this summer-long journey for the two may not conclude as they had originally hoped.

In the end, it may not be the factor of other teams being extra greedy with their monies when preparing an offer for Bledsoe or Monroe. The RFA duo may not get what they feel they’re worth simply because, well, they’re not worth what they believe they’re worth.

[via NBA Rumors Chat with Steve Kyler -- Basketball Insiders]

The issue everyone seems to be missing is that no one wants to pay Bledsoe or Monroe MAX money, and they both are seeking deals like that… I don’t think the Suns want Monroe at MAX any more than they want Bledsoe at MAX as neither are truly MAX players.

Both are very good players, but if you’re talking spending $12 million… I think Phoenix would rather have Bledsoe.

After all, a player in the NBA is only worth what another team is willing to offer them. And since no teams are lining up to offer max deals to Monroe or Bledsoe, maybe they’re just not worth such deals.

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