NBA Rumors: Tristan Thompson, Cavs No Longer Talking; Still Far Apart

NBA Rumors: The Cleveland Cavaliers are no longer talking about a potential contract extension with Tristan Thompson; are still far apart

Perhaps the Tristan Thompson holdout is going to last a few months, if not longer.

Shortly after the deadline to sign his offer sheet with the Cleveland Cavaliers passed roughly two weeks ago (just before training camp opened), the initial reports were that the disconnect between the Cavaliers and Thompson was bigger than originally thought and that a holdout could last months.

And after a week which consisted of the Cavaliers removing their offer from the negotiation table and the lack of communication between the two sides, it looks more and more like this holdout is just in its beginning stages.

[via Cleveland Plain Dealer]

“There’s no communication ongoing between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Thompson’s agents, Rich Paul and Mark Termini, Northeast Ohio Media Group has learned.

In fact, there doesn’t seem to be a sense of urgency from either side in reaching an agreement. And that means Thompson’s stalemate will continue to hover over the organization like a black cloud, a cloud LeBron James considers “a distraction.”

It sounds like, at the very least, the Cavs are going to begin the season without Thompson. And that’s where the real negotiation begins.

If the Cavs get off to a fast start, they prove that Thompson isn’t as valuable as he believes he is. However, if the Cavs get off to a relatively slow start, it could help Thompson’s cause.

Either way, considering that the Cavs don’t really NEED him until their season starts to matter – in the playoffs – there’s really no sense of urgency on their end to strike a deal.

They can continue to play hard ball for a while. On the other hand, I’m not sure how patient Thompson, and his agent, will continue to be.

The bottomline is simple – the Cavs need Thompson and Thompson needs the Cavs. It’s just a matter of time until they both realize that.

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